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Eight Hour Mission Possible Set for Oct 31 at Medtrade 2016

August 8, 2016

ATLANTA – Officials at The VGM Group are encouraging Medtrade attendees to “accept the mission and arm yourself with the necessary knowledge and resources to ensure you will receive timely and accurate reimbursement for qualified customers of mobility and respiratory products.”

Specifics of the eight-hour workshop include:
Monday, Oct 31, 2016  
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Mission Possible – Mobility and Respiratory Reimbursement
Presented by: VGM
Speakers: Dan Fedor, compliance director, VGM; Ronda Buhrmester, reimbursement specialist, VGM
Location: C102 Auditorium/C212 Breakout Session at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta

It is now even more critical to be efficient when accepting Medicare patients due to the recent reimbursement cuts. You can’t afford to “fight it in audit” or “write it off.” To remain successful, efficiency is the key. In this mission, providers will learn the best practices to obtain the required documentation, the proper modifiers to ensure the claim is not rejected, and how to correctly get paid for service the first time. 

Mobility Mission
• Learn how to ensure you are recouping all the underpayments from Jan 1- July 4 for accessories used on group 3 power wheelchairs. On average, providers were underpaid approximately $900 on a group 3 multiple power chair claim between Jan 1 – July 4. Find out how to successfully recover the money you are entitled to.
• Learn how modifiers affect your claim and ensure you are using the correct modifier for the code billed and eliminate CO-4 denials. Discover the best options when you determine that the allowable is not sufficient for the item being ordered.
• Understand the requirements for successfully billing the temporary replacement equipment (AKA “loaner”) when repairing patient owned equipment. Properly billing this code alone can increase revenue by approximately $200-800 per repair when applicable.

Respiratory Mission
During the respiratory mission, there will be review of recent audits on hospital beds, oxygen equipment, CPAP devices, nebulizers machines, and ventilators equipment. All these different pieces of equipment have their own battles to overcome. There will be lengthy discussion on ventilators, specifically NIVs. Also, while reviewing the audits, the medical policies will be broken down to better understand the requirements and coverage criteria.

We know audits will not be going away. They are here to stay, so it’s time to find ways to overcome these audits and be proactive. This means learning how to become better organized and better prepared so the mission can be accepted and completed.

“The respiratory mission will also allow time for discussion amongst peers,” says Dan Fedor, compliance director, VGM. “This is one of the key components in the mission, because the networking allows the attendees to talk about issues they may be dealing with and finding ways to work through it. It’s a perfect time to learn about opportunities and have different visions on processes. There is work to be done during the respiratory mission, but it is possible to complete the mission and have many take-aways to share.”

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