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Road to Medtrade – Reduce Your Chance of Getting Sued

October 13, 2014

ATLANTA – The upcoming Medtrade (Oct 20-23, 2014 in Atlanta) has an excellent line-up of speakers who will present programs addressing the most important topics faced by DME suppliers today. Every issue of Medtrade Monday, leading up to Medtrade, will highlight a Medtrade program.

On Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014, Richard Davis, President of The McClain Group, LLC, will present an in-depth program entitled “Employment Law: Reducing Your Chances of Getting Sued.”

Employment Law: Reduce Your Chance of Getting Sued
“Yin alone cannot arise. Yang alone cannot grow. Yin and Yang are divisible, but inseparable.” — The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine

People and processes are the Yin and Yang of business—but the people element is frequently forgotten or receives less attention. Why is this important? Because the right people can be the difference between extinction and survival, profit and loss.

Out of 92 or so sessions being held during Medtrade, only 8 are exclusively dedicated to people or employee issues of an HME business. Most of the other sessions cover a broad spectrum of very important process-oriented subjects. We all know it is crucial to focus on the motto that “cash is king.” You have to bill and you have to get the cash in. You must be compliant, and you must stay up to date on new equipment and the proper use in providing quality care. However it is also important to keep in mind that employee-related issues can cost a company “big bucks”.

No one expects a business owner to be an expert on employment law. But, it is important to understand those laws that could have a significant impact on your business. It is important to know the most recent areas of exposure that could have a huge financial impact on any business.

The areas of exposure in employment law range from wage and hour, discrimination, sexual harassment and violations of employee rights under several federal statutes. Do you have a policy against employees discussing pay? Have you ever disciplined an employee for putting a disparaging comment on Facebook? Have you ever refused to pay overtime to an employee who worked extra hours without permission? You NEED to know what you can and cannot do.

As business owners, executives and managers, you need to be proactive and not reactive in several areas that encompass employee relations. From hiring to firing, you need to ensure you do it right and reduce any exposure you may have for potential litigation. There are easy to implement methods to make this happen and create an environment of mutual trust and respect. Don’t you want to have fun running or managing a business?

Hear from Richard Davis, president of The McClain Group, LLC
Medtrade Monday: Why is this topic important?
Davis: This topic is incredibly important because the difference between doing the right thing and making the wrong decision on employee matters can be huge financially. The good news is that it is not rocket science and it is just a matter of KNOWING what you can and should do and what to avoid.

Medtrade Monday: Why should people attend this presentation?
Davis: If you think about it, we spend most of our time at work. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend that time in an environment with people who had a common goal and purpose? You will gain an understanding about how you can make this happen.

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, Richard Davis, President of The McClain Group, LLC, will present an in-depth program entitled “Employment Law: Reducing Your Chances of Getting Sued.”

Correction to Oct 6 “Road to Medtrade”
RE: The October 6, 2014 Road to Medtrade article entitled “Focus on Automating PAP Treatment.” The article states that Peter Allen will present his program on behalf of Main Line Health System. This is incorrect. Allen will present his program on behalf of CMB Solutions Inc.