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I Am the HME Industry – Terry Luft

January 12, 2015

HARRISBURG, PA – After owning and operating his own Pennsylvania-based business for three decades, Terry Luft sold a majority of his venerable Central Medical Equipment to Dynamic Healthcare Services. The transaction happened three years ago, and Luft now serves as vice chairman of Dynamic Healthcare Services, with locations in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Hackensack, NJ.

“In 2015, the branding is going toward everything under the Dynamic umbrella,” says Luft. “As we expand, we want to expand under that name.”

During his many years in the business, Luft has never been one to watch idly by as others lobbied on his behalf. That commitment led him to the AAHomecare Legislative Conference last year in Washington, DC.

“The Legislative Conference is labor intensive, but we’re happy to do it,” he says. “If I don’t show up, how can I expect the next guy to show up? And if you give up, nothing will get done. It is in our budget to belong to AAHomecare, and to support our state associations.”

Luft has the same attitude when it comes to his attendance at 33 Medtrades, and several Medtrade Springs.

“These days, I view Medtrade as the relationship show,” he says. “We always go to support AAHomecare and we always go to the Stand Up for Homecare reception. I thought last year’s show was excellent, and we took a lot from it. If you come back from an educational session with one new idea, it has been a success, and Medtrade was clearly a success for us.”

Visiting his brand new granddaughter has kept Luft particularly busy these days, as well as some rounds of golf in far-flung areas. “I carry a nice handicap,” says Luft with a chuckle. “I played Pebble Beach Golf Course last October, and I have a nice home course in Harrisburg, Pa.