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SmartSaver Rates and The Propensity to Procrastinate

Greg Thompson • June 17, 2018

ATLANTA – There must be a human being out there who never procrastinates, but I’ve never met one. You can always exercise tomorrow, or eat more nutritious food next week. You can always learn the guitar next year, or read a classic novel some other time.

However, when it comes to saving money, many people tend to act; many, but not all. At Medtrade, we typically see a nice registration surge when SmartSaver rates go into effect. And yet, we occasionally hear from people who say, “But wait! I never heard about SmartSaver rates!” Others know about the rates but choose to put it off.

Our friends in the trade press are spreading the news, as are the state associations, and good ol’ Medtrade Monday is shouting it from the rooftops. SmartSaver rates are here! And yet, sometimes the message still does not get out. So let’s try again…

SmartSaver rates are in effect for another 11 days and offer the greatest attendee value for Medtrade, scheduled for Oct 15-17, 2018, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Instead of making the decision to attend next month, it pays to make that decision now. Fortunately, it’s highly unlikely that you will regret a decision that gets you out of the office and in a place where you can be inspired and informed.

Medtrade is the largest HME-focused trade show in the nation, and it represents a staggering wealth of products, knowledge, and networking in one convenient place. Save a bit of money, tap in the dates on your smart phone calendar, and make your plans to be there.

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Greg Thompson is media relations director, Medtrade, and editor of Medtrade Monday.