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August Recess is Great Time to Meet with Legislators

July 28, 2014

WATERLOO, IOWA – Congressional members are starting to recognize our industry challenges caused by overbearing audits and the competitive bidding program. After many years of fighting, it seems they are giving us a receptive ear thanks to our grassroots efforts. And as we all know, change takes perseverance.

August is a crucial time to meet with your members of Congress. They will be in their home state from August 1 through September 7. Don’t allow your congressman to snooze through the month! Call the district office and schedule a time for them to visit.  

Invite fellow medical equipment suppliers, including your competitors, your state association leaders, and the press to attend. Or find out when your congressman will be nearby and attend an event. Be sure to get some individual time with your congressman to let them know about the issues. And remember, your member of Congress and staff work for you.

Ask them and they will come…

So please reach out to your congressional offices and ask them to take a tour of your facilities during the recess. Give them a visual of what will happen if beneficiaries lose access to their necessary equipment. Let them know how home care is saving money by keeping people out of hospitals and allowing them to live in the comforts of their home. Advocate that health care should be handled locally.

There are people to help you with this process. Partner with your state association to assist in arranging an in-district meeting. VGM would be happy to assist as well. We can provide the contact information for your congressional member and talking points for the meeting.

John Gallagher is vice president, Government Relations, for VGM & Associates, Waterloo, Iowa.