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Major ADA 25th Anniversary Publication in the Works

April 21, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – Next year will mark 25 years since President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law (pictured, left). To commemorate the historic act, the official publication of the ADA Legacy Project is currently in the works to “preserve, educate, and celebrate.”

The Americans with Disabilities Act’s 25th Anniversary: Equal Access, Equal Opportunity will function as an important tool in recalling the significant effects on the nation of this landmark legislation. The commemorative publication will be produced with an exceptionally high standard of workmanship, with articles written by leading international scholars to ensure that they are accurate and based on the latest research.

Articles will also be written in an engaging style, designed to entertain while still educating. The publication will be lavishly illustrated with photographs and other imagery designed carefully to explain ADA’s evolution and development, as well as sidebars covering interesting facts. Editorial content is being selected (including a piece written by President George H.W. Bush) and written in such a way that they may be read separately, but when read as a whole will provide a comprehensive, thought provoking, and satisfying account of the legislation and why it has become a defining symbol of the nation’s character.

Kevin Higgins, business development manager, Faircount Media Group, Tampa, Fla, says the publication will be coming out early next year and will be distributed at all of the ADA-related events going on in Washington, DC. In addition to multiple events, the distribution includes the Department of Justice, Congress, HHS, Department of Labor, and Department of Education.

Medtrade attendees in 2015 will also receive major distribution, and manufacturers that typically exhibit at Medtrade will have a unique advertising opportunity. “We already have the likes of Microsoft, Disney, Comcast, University of Pittsburgh, and paralyzed veterans groups,” says Higgins. “Whoever decides to come in is going to be in very good company.”