Moving the HME Industry Forward


Informed Providers and Robust Technology Change the Landscape

Jennifer Leon • May 12, 2018

ATLANTA – When it comes to Medtrade, gone are the days of browsing. HME providers are there for a reason: they’ve identified what they’re looking for, know the right questions to ask, and aren’t afraid to move on if they don’t get the right answer.

For Brightree, Medtrade provides us with a forum for better engagement with our customers and gives our experts from across all divisions the ability to meet one-on-one to show the full breadth of our solutions.

Whether we are demo-ing efficient, streamlined billing and collections, new ways for providers to connect to manufacturer partners, or added functionality system-wide, Medtrade has proven to be the best place for demonstrating how innovations and technologies can support customers’ needs and help them navigate an ever-changing industry.

When you combine empowered providers with an optimal environment for engagement, the result is invaluable because we can readily explore the importance of proper software in today’s HME world. In fact, I presented in a session (Medtrade Spring 2018) on improving workflow and operational logistics using mobile technology. We had an excellent turnout from providers interested in how to apply a mobile strategy in their day-to-day operations, and a panel of providers shared specifics on how going mobile can increase efficiencies for both drivers and field staff, drive down costs, and improve care.

For providers, a more global takeaway is to consider the robustness of their technology systems. If those systems aren’t hitting every single pain point they need to address, it’s time to talk to your software vendor to find out why. For instance, if you have a manual and labor-intensive process for intake management, you’re going to see a waterfall effect into billing and delivery processes.

The bottom line: There are solutions out there for HME providers to accomplish what they need for improved business health. Medtrade Spring and Medtrade (Oct 15-17, 2018, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta) are great venues to find the answers and connect with the right minds.

Jennifer Leon is vice president, Brightree Patient Collections.