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Precision Medical – Made and Stayed in America

June 1, 2018

NORTHAMPTON, PA – The Precision Medical Inc booth is a familiar site at Medtrade, where the Northampton, Pa-based maker of oxygen products has been a long-time exhibitor. With no need for splashy marketing, the 34-year-old company, founded by Mike Krupa, has instead made its mark through a relentless focus on quality and reliability, with all products made in the United States.

Through more than three decades of innovation, Krupa and his team members have expanded the palette to include: air compressors (Easy Air); Precision Medical Oxygen Blenders; Easy Vac and Power Vac Aspirators; flow meters with different shapes, sizes, and flow settings; and portable oxygen concentrators.

“We have helium oxygen blenders, plus oxygen monitors, analyzers, and regulators,” says Philip Geanacopoulos, marketing manager. “For our home care market, we do oxygen concentrators under the brand of Easy Pulse. We have a number of different brands, and you’ll see these brands updated as we launch new products in the future.”

With plans to exhibit at Medtrade, scheduled for Oct 15-17, 2018, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Geanacopoulos took the opportunity to talk about the company’s roots, and how those roots have laid a solid foundation for continued growth.

Medtrade Monday: What differentiates Precision Medical from its competition?

Philip Geanacopoulos, marketing manager, Precision Medical, Inc., Northampton, Pennsylvania: All of our products, from sub-assembly to the final piece, are made in the United States. We are still a small enough company that we are able to be agile, to tool up quickly, and meet the needs of our hospital and home care customers.

Medtrade Monday: Why do you continue to manufacture in America?

Geanacopoulos: The major reason is quality. Precision Medical was founded nearly 34 years ago, and all the way up to today, all our products are designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania. We work very closely with our suppliers and can achieve a product quality that we would not be able to control if we were producing overseas. To this date, our return rates are extremely low, less than one percent.

Medtrade Monday:  Where do you source your products?

Geanacopoulos: We look for suppliers in our local community to supply the parts that go into our products. When you look at our supply chain, the majority of our suppliers are within a three-hour driving radius. Roughly 85% of our suppliers can get to us in a short drive. It’s all part of Mike Krupa’s [founder] personal dedication to the local community, and to his employees. We have a lot of moms working here, and we cater to them with flexible work schedules. It’s a personal touch. A big portion of our team has been with us for 10, 20, and even 30 years.

Medtrade Monday:  What are the challenges of manufacturing in America?

Geanacopoulos: Our overseas competition is considerable, and it’s often an un-level playing field. Some of the overseas companies don’t always play by the same rules. We go by various regulations and sometimes they don’t.

Medtrade Monday: What are the origins of the company?

Geanacopoulos: Our founder and CEO Mike Krupa started Precision Medical out of his home making air and oxygen flow meters back in the early 1980s, specifically 1984. Mike was working at the time at Mack Trucks. He was building Precision Medical’s business on the side. After a couple years of successfully building his customer base, he moved the business to its current location, and they’ve been here ever since, expanding the facility to meet customer demand. He has used his ability to build the American dream. It’s a classic story of why people immigrate to America and what makes America so great.

Medtrade Monday: What are your main products?

Geanacopoulos: Our three main product lines span the hospital market, through home care, with products that cover infants to advanced ages. Our products offer quality oxygen administration through aspiration and vacuum products. We also provide quality, made-in-the-U.S. medical fittings that allow full customization.

Medtrade Monday: What is the value in face-to-face trade shows such as Medtrade?

Geanacopoulos: It’s true that less actual buying is happening at the shows, so the people who come are seeking new information and new technology. A place such as Medtrade* may well be the only place to see new products introduced, and be able to see the technologies. From the corporate perspective, we value Medtrade as a great opportunity to meet many of our customers in person, in a very short period of time, and also meet chief officers of different companies. We continue to see a lot of value in attending Medtrade Spring and Medtrade. We are absolutely excited to be attending Medtrade 2018 [Oct 15-17, 2018, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta). We have a lot of great things coming up for that show.

Medtrade Monday: What are the new developments in your business operations?

Geanacopoulos: We’ve been making a lot of strategic investments. Mike Krupa continues to invest in the company—new products, new hires on the engineering staff, and investing in new computer systems and infrastructure. We continue to expand our facilities with additional automation. All of it shows that Mike plans on keeping the company around for the new generation. Mike’s two sons are also heavily involved in setting the company’s strategic goals and running the company day to day.

* Early registration for Medtrade starts June 11, 2018.