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Medtrade Exhibitor News – Sunrise Acquisition and DeVilbiss Concentrator Study

May 11, 2015

FRESNO, CA – Sunrise Medical has acquired RGK, a manufacturer and distributor of high-end, tailor-made, court-sports and basketball wheelchairs. RGK offers also offers daily use manual wheelchairs. The acquisition of RGK, in conjunction with Sunrise Medical’s own sports product range, will support Sunrise’s sports product segment. The RGK daily chair lines add an additional facet and choice to Sunrise’s own Quickie and Sopur premium active wheelchair product brands.

Five Liter Concentrator Study Reveals What is Important to Homecare Providers
SOMERSET, PA – A market research study conducted by respiratory medical device manufacture DeVilbiss Healthcare, reveals what product attributes are important to homecare providers when considering 5 Liter Concentrators: failure rate (36.09%); price (25.53%); warranty (19.43%); energy savings (11.05%); and maintenance tools (7.9%).

“We wanted to better understand the needs of customers and set out to identify which product attributes are most important to our customers,” said Wally Haddick, vice president of Sales, Canada and Latin America, for DeVilbiss Healthcare. “It is clear from our research that more and more providers see the value of a product that is built to last beyond just the acquisition price. When a manufacturer can minimize post-purchase costs, it allows the provider to focus more efficiently on what they do best – deliver oxygen therapy service.”

Declining reimbursements and increasing product costs have changed the landscape of oxygen business over recent years, and many providers have had to make difficult decisions on how to more efficiently and effectively utilize their expense and service resources. “Increased failure rates were driving up our operational costs,” said the national procurement manager for RHS Canada. “And with lower reimbursement, we really have to work closely with manufacturers to attain effective, safe and reliable equipment at a price point that works for all individuals in the industry. Reliable equipment in the field is crucial to the success of our business and to providing quality patient care.”

For a complete hard copy of the study results, contact DeVilbiss Customer Service at 1-814-443- 4881 or toll-free at 1-800-338-1988.