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Quantum Rehab Acquires Stealth – Companies to Operate Independently

May 19, 2014

EXETER, PA – Quantum Rehab®, a Pride Mobility Products® company, has acquired Texas-based Stealth Products Inc, a maker of complex rehab technology components and accessories. Under the acquisition, Stealth Products, its management team, and employees will continue operating independently.

“The Stealth Products team is a world-class complex rehab innovator and is passionate about the same goal we are—creating the most advanced technologies to enhance the lives of those with complex rehab technology needs,” stated Scott Meuser, chairman and CEO of Pride Mobility Products. “By aligning the two companies within the larger complex rehab technology industry, we are able to expedite developing and delivering the needed technologies to help those with disabilities lead the most independent, enriched lives sought.”

Quantum Rehab is a long-time Medtrade exhibitor, and the Pa-based company has already made plans to exhibit at the nation’s premiere HME trade show, scheduled for Oct 20-23, 2014, at the World Congress Center in Atlanta. “Quantum [Booth #1605] and Stealth have long supported each other’s booths with complementing products and technologies,” said Jay Brislin (pictured), vice president, Quantum Rehab. “That won’t change. Stealth remains independent in its operations, and will have its own presence, but as always, you’ll see complementing product placement.”

Quantum Rehab and Stealth Products both emerged with innovative complex rehab products around 15 years ago. Along the way, the two companies worked closely together, both with a passion for innovation, but in different market segments.

“Quantum focused on power base and power positioning systems, while Stealth focused on positioning components, adaptive hardware, and pediatric mobility solutions,” explained Brislin. “As a result, our products have always complemented each other, just as Stealth has met the needs of the complex rehab market at large. In this way, our shared passions for innovation, high-quality products, and a commitment to exceptional customer experience, showed a natural fit for the two companies.”

“Quantum is the perfect fit for us,” added Lorenzo Romero, president of Stealth Products. “They have the world’s most advanced power bases, electronics and power positioning systems and our innovative products complement each others’.”

Early Bird Registration Begins Next Month
ATLANTA – Early bird registration will begin in mid June, and Medtrade Monday will keep you posted on how, when, and where to register. Medtrade, the nation’s premiere HME trade show, takes place Oct 20-23, 2014, at the Gerogia World Congress Center in Atlanta.