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Vibrant Lineup of Topics for Upcoming AAHomecare Retail Work Group Calls

February 3, 2018

In a land where cash is king, AAHomecare’s Retail Work Group is gearing up for a vibrant lineup of topical monthly calls to explore ways to better connect with target markets and meet customer needs and desires beyond the barriers of insurance.  Each month, the Work Group tackles a particular area of focus in a group discussion guided by an expert facilitator who shares best practices and strategic and tactical opportunities that Work Group members can consider adopting to strengthen their business and engage with customers in meaningful ways.

Work Group members look forward to a varied array of topics and speakers for the monthly calls; below is a sampling of the upcoming lineup:

  • “Incentivizing Staff Through Add-On Sales”, Wes Hopper of McKesson—February 8
  • “Using Questions & Active Listening to Get Customers Talking About Their Needs”, Jer Dunlap of JerSpeaks—March 15
  • “Leveraging Social Media & Harnessing New Trends to Get Customers in Your Store” Christina Throndson, Forbin—April 12
  • “Barriers to Retail & How to Overcome Them” Tim Rutti, Valley Medical Supplies—May 10
  • “Legal Aspects of Retail”, Jeff Baird of Brown & Fortunato—June 14

In this Thursday’s week’s meeting, Wes Hopper will lead Work Group members in a discussion of compensation as a tool to drive staff behavior and outcomes, proving examples of successful suppliers’ models that incentivize employees through add-on sales and identifying current needs vs the long-term outcome of the patient.  The group will also explore ways to track these activities through software programs to bring greater accountability and analytics to reviews.

The Retail Work Group is open to any AAHomecare member. For additional information on this group, companies can contact AAHomecare’s manager of government affairs Ashley Plauché at Providers looking for more caretailing information should consider attending Medtrade Spring, scheduled for March 27-29, 2018, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Click Here for more information about Medtrade Spring.