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Road to Medtrade – Winning Strategies for Consumer Power

September 1, 2014

ATLANTA – The upcoming Medtrade (Oct 20-23, 2014 in Atlanta) has an excellent line-up of speakers who will present programs addressing the most important topics faced by DME suppliers today. Every issue of Medtrade Monday, leading up to Medtrade, will highlight a Medtrade program.

Winning Strategies for Consumer Power
Times are tough right now for power mobility providers. We have all seen the increase in audit rates and reimbursement rates are nowhere near where they used to be. These changes and demands are making it harder and harder for you to run your business the way you used to.

What you probably haven’t realized is that improper alignment of product-to-patient, and branding yourself as a “one size fits all” company, could be digging you a deeper hole towards catastrophe in your business. It is important, now more than ever, to brand your company as matching the right product to the right patient.

If you continue to bill only one or two billing codes you are opening the door for increased scrutiny. In addition to the probability of increased audits, you are missing out on some products with unique billing codes that will meet all the patients’ needs as well as reimburse you at an increased rate.

Take for instance what happened to one national supplier. It continuously billed the same billing code, inferring to Medicare that this was the only billing code that allowed the patient to complete his/her Mobility Related Activities of Daily Living (MRADL) in the home. The Supplier had increased audits, paid fines and eventually went out of business.

The reality is that there are many billing codes/products in the power mobility category that would meet all the patients’ needs. Now more than ever, it is important for you and your company to brand yourself, not as a cookie cutter company, but a company that will match the right product to the patients’ needs to gain a disproportionate share of the business.

Manufacturers of power mobility products offer a full range of products that meet many different billing codes – allowing you to fit the right product to the patient in group 1 and 2 power. This will help increase your cash flow as well as reduce your inventory. Suppliers that become product experts and deeply knowledgeable about the power mobility product offerings, as well as have a profound understanding of their clients’ needs, will be empowered to successfully match a client to a product. The direct results will be optimal outcomes for the patient, payer source, provider and physician.

Hear from the author:
Medtrade Monday: Why is this topic important?
David Jones, RVP of Power Mobility Sales & Training at Drive Medical: Over the last decade, the Mobility
Assistive Equipment (MAE) industry has seen dramatic changes. The added burden of Medicare’s competitive
bidding has created many obstacles that has made it difficult to operate a successful business.

Medtrade Monday: Why should people attend this presentation?
Jones: In today’s reimbursement climate, you can’t continue to follow the same “cookie-cutter” approach. This
presentation will illuminate how to break the routine and provide optimal outcomes.

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, David Jones, RVP of Power Mobility Sales & Training at Drive Medical will present an in-depth program entitled Winning Strategies for Consumer Power.

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