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ResMed Data Shows Improved Sleep Knowledge Leads to Improved Sleep

June 15, 2015

SAN DIEGO – New results from S+ by ResMed, the world’s first non-contact sleep system, show that after only one week of use, more than two-thirds of users with below-average sleep scores saw significant improvement. ResMed announced that 67% of such S+ users saw improved sleep times after the first week of use – an average of 31 minutes of extra sleep per night – once they began using the device.

Released in October 2014, the S+ by ResMed is a personalized sleep solution using patented bio-motion sensors to monitor and analyze sleep. The device measures an individual’s sleep stages and sleeping environment to deliver daily sleep scores and provide personalized feedback to help improve sleep. It uses ResMed’s proprietary touchless monitoring technology, allowing users to simply turn on the device at bedtime and eliminate the need to wear a watch, wristband, or other sensor.

“More than 50% of Americans have trouble sleeping and many of them don’t understand why,” said Colin Lawlor, vice president, ResMed consumer business. “These results show that gaining a better understanding of sleep patterns is an important first step toward improving the quality of your sleep. The S+ provides that insight, whether it suggests that you take an evening walk or notices that early morning light may be impacting your sleep.”

S+ monitors sleeping patterns from the users’ bedside table, sending real-time sleep information to the S+ by ResMed app, available on iOS- or Android-enabled devices. The data is then laid out on easy-to-read charts and graphs that help set users on a path toward better sleep. The app also includes several additional features that help users fall to sleep with greater ease.

S+ provides personalized feedback, finely tuned from extensive research and studies informed by more than two million hours of actual sleep data. Users can also download a personalized sleep report that can be shared with a physician to facilitate a discussion on their sleep trends.

Golden Technologies Launches New, Consumer-Oriented Website
OLD FORGE, PA – Golden Technologies unveiled its new Web site, a mobile-friendly site with many features that will better educate consumers surfing the Internet for information on lift chairs, scooters and power wheelchairs.

“We are very proud of this new site. It features all of the latest technology in web design that will make it easier to navigate through the site to find the products and features consumers are looking for,” says Patricia O’Brien, Director of Marketing and Merchandising.

The new site is designed to be mobile-friendly and easily viewed on any mobile device, including smart phones and tablets. In addition, the site features a link on every product page where a consumer can click, fill out a brief form, and the information will be sent to their nearest Golden Flagship Retailer.

“We are always looking at ways to drive more traffic to our retailers,” says O’Brien. “With this new feature, a consumer who has questions about a specific product can submit an email that will be delivered directly to their closest Flagship dealer. All the dealer has to do is follow up with that consumer and invite them to their store, starting the relationship before the consumer even walks in their door. As we all know, relationships are a big part of sales the sales process.”

One of the most informative parts of the new website are the product accessory buttons on each lift chair page. Each button is a link to information on a specific fabric upgrade or accessory, such as Brisa® or heat and massage. “This information has been customized to each chair model,” explains O’Brien. “For example, the MaxiComfortTM models are available with more upgrades and options than a Value series chair. Consumers will be able to easily see what’s available on each model, helping them to make some informed decisions on our chairs before they walk into a showroom.”

The new site continues to provide the Golden Dealer Locator, a helpful resource for consumers looking to find the Golden dealer nearest them. “This part of our website has proven to be extremely beneficial for driving traffic to our dealers. It gives so much information to consumers, including the product lines carried, if the dealer is an authorized service center, and in the case of Flagship Retail locations, how many Golden chairs they have on display on an average day,” adds O’Brien.

Nordic Capital acquires Sunrise Medical from Equistone
MALSCH, GERMANY – Sunrise Medical, a manufacturer and distributor of manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters, and positioning products, has been acquired by Nordic Capital. Thomas Rossnagel, president and CEO of Sunrise Medical, commented: “With Equistone’s outstanding support, for which I am very thankful, we were able to develop Sunrise Medical to its next level of performance as the Global Leader in premium mobility products. I am extremely pleased that with Nordic Capital we were able to attract one of the most knowledgeable and experienced financial sponsors in our space. This new partnership puts Sunrise Medical in a perfect position to significantly grow the business over the coming years, organically and also by way of acquisitions.”