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Medtrade Spring Exhibitor Spotlights

March 23, 2015

LAS VEGAS – A/R Allegiance is bringing out the “Briefcase Full of Cash” at Medtrade Spring. Those who want a shot at the distinctive promotion should visit Booth #503 at next week’s Medtrade Spring at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas (and those who won’t be there also have a shot).

In addition to a chance at the cash, attendees can learn how to turn every patient into a paying patient. “Did you know there are as many as 16 different billing and collection activities provided by as many vendors?” asks Linda Gordon, marketing manager, A/R Allegiance Group. “Learn how the COLLECTPlus dashboard manages all this activity and more. If you are Not attending Medtrade, reply to lgordon@arallegiance and say ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY!’ to be entered into the drawing.”

iLevel Aims to Ease the Injustices
LAS VEGAS – Jay Brislin, MSPT, vice president of Quantum Rehab, a division of Pride Mobility Products (Booth #310), will be focusing on two new products—iLevel Technology and the new Q6Edge 2—when Medtrade Spring convenes next week.

“The iLevel is a revolutionary seat elevation technology that is integrated into the power seating system in conjunction with the new Q6Edge 2 power base to offer up to 10 inches of elevation while simultaneously stabilizing the power wheelchair via advanced electronics and suspension, allowing for superior client function while elevated at walking speeds up to 3 mph,” says Brislin. “We are focused on solving the injustices that occur constantly for people in power mobility. The iLevel Technology is going to be one of the first steps in truly revolutionizing the customer experience for power rehab.”

Bonfafide Management Solutions
LAS VEGAS – Over at Booth #1757, Wayne Bailey, director of Sales and Marketing, Bonafide Management Solutions will be solving problems for those dealing with slow systems and high accounts receivables. “Does your present software or billing service provide you arrogant, inconsistent, and questionable service?” asks Bailey. “Does your present solution incur ongoing ‘surprise’ charges that you never anticipated? If you struggle with any of these points, then you should visit Bonafide’s booth. Our solution seamlessly combines excellent technology to streamline your billing process while adding a highly capable billing team. The result is absolute billing transparency. You will always know how well your billing is performing.”

Payor Logic
LAS VEGAS – Over at Booth #1046, Payor Logic will be helping providers navigate the reimbursement jungle. “We know that DME businesses are feeling the pinch from new challenges affecting reimbursement. It is playing out in their bottom line,” says Jordan Levitt, partner, Payor Logic. “Many patients are entering the system with insurance plans with increasing deductibles and strict prior authorization requirements without understanding the implications.”

Delays can occur when prior authorization is required for medical supplies and equipment, which is often the case for HDHPs. Without proper clearance, providers may need to write off costs, increase the amount of time it takes to collect payment, or engage in a lengthy appeals process.

“Investing in prior authorization and data leading to clean claims gets you paid faster,” says Levitt. “It can also save significant costs borne from needing other services to financially clear patients or investigating and fixing avoidable denials.”