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I Am the HME Industry – Titus Yoder

November 25, 2013

WOOSTER, OHIO – Despite the fact that competitive bidding has not yet reached the borders of Wooster, Ohio, Titus Yoder continues to pay his dues. As a member of the National Association of Independent Medical Equipment Services (NAIMES), and now AAHomecare, the owner of Wayne Health Services and Supplies sees membership as an obligation—and an invaluable way to stay informed.

“It’s important to be a member so you have your pulse on what people are trying to do on the lobbying end,” says Yoder, owner of the 10,000-sq-ft Wayne Health Services & Supplies, and a respiratory therapist by training. “You also need to be aware of what idiotic changes are occurring in Washington, DC.”

As owner of the business for the past 27 years, Yoder has seen his share of changes—idiotic and otherwise. Through it all, he has tried to maintain excellent service to the 25,000-population community of Wooster. With three respiratory therapists on staff (22 employees in all), plus three licensed practical nurses who handle most of the retail business, patients get expert advice.

“Sales reps say I am old school, and I am trying to stay old school,” says the 65-year-old Yoder. “From the patient service end of it, sleep has increased tremendously, and that is one on one with a therapist. We do a lot of sleep products and patients come to us for that. We don’t do mail order stuff. We still try to keep the delivery/service component the best that we can.”

When the topic of hobbies is brought up, Yoder can only laugh and patiently explain that the “business has been my life.” Even so, he has time for his five grown children and five grandkids whenever the opportunity presents. “I like to travel on a limited basis,” he says. “We get up to Sarasota, Fla, because it’s a relaxing place.”   — Greg Thompson