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I Am the HME Industry – A Year of Dedicated Professionals

December 30, 2013

FORT COLLINS, CO – It’s always an adventure calling up providers for the “I Am the HME Industry” department. Some think I’m trying to sell subscriptions to Medtrade Monday (it’s free), or perhaps some quality Amway products. At least a third of the time, the answer is no and I simply move on.

To all those who have weathered my 10-minute interview, I say a hearty thank you. I hope that others have enjoyed this peek into the lives of HME providers from Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine.

Providers are funny, serious, dedicated, worried, and optimistic all at the same time. They reflect this wonderful industry in their professionalism and willingness to serve their customers each and every day.

Happy new year to all, and a special thank you to the following “I Am the HME Industry” victims—check that—participants (in order of appearance):
Wim Kellett
Franklin Trammell
Rene Palacios
Todd Tyson
Jackie Bolt
Tyler Riddle
Kristi Warner
Laurie Bachorek
Robert Steedley
Joel Marx
Lonny Weiner
Colleen E. Hunter
John Letizia
Gary Sheehan
Doug Coleman
Jerry Hall
Titus Yoder
Joan Allison
Steven Feierstein
Tom Inman