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HME Voice Addresses Retail Solutions for the New Year

November 25, 2013

ATLANTA – Powered by Medtrade Radio and sponsored by Emerge Sales, the latest episode of HME Voice is available for listening at any time. Click Here to listen at your convenience.

Continuing its tradition of “Third Thursday at Three,” last week’s episode (Season 2, Episode 7) presented Medtrade Retail Innovative Product Award Winners explaining how their products can improve lives and the business. It’s all audio and available on your schedule. New episodes stream 24 hours a day until the next episode airs. Click Here to listen to last week’s show.   

“Our guests for this week bring specific solutions for surviving and ultimately thriving in this environment,” says Mike Sperduti
(pictured with Kevin Gaffney and Liz Beaulieu), founder of Emerge Sales
and co-host of HME Voice. “The guests provide some specific takeaways
that listeners can implement into their businesses.”

Patricia Zweiback, president of NuFoot-Beyond Barefoot, kicks off the show with a discussion about the importance of retail sales in today’s reimbursement environment. NuFoot won a Medtrade Retail Innovative Product Award thanks to its “cross between a shoe and a sock” product.

Zweiback started the company about seven years ago when she left her previous job as a stock analyst at Goldman Sachs on Wall Street. “I created this product because I liked the comfort of going barefoot indoors,” she says, “but I was apprehensive about the potential dirty stuff that you could touch your feet…this product also has a lot of benefits over the traditional patient socks.”

Guest number two is Randy Schellenberg, president, ComforTek Seating, also a winner of an Innovative Retail Product award at last month’s Medtrade for the company’s Royal EZ. The Royal EZ answers the fundamental question: How do you move a seated person up to a table?

“Most caregivers find themselves in a situation where they don’t have the physical strength required to guide someone up to a table,” says Schellenberg. “The Royal EZ is a lever device that provides the mechanical advantage to do so. Instead of pushing or shoving a chair, the caregiver will be able to simply step on a lever which activates the front wheel, gently guide the front person forward, release the pedal, and the chair is permanently placed by the table.”

Next on the list is Steve Goelman, CEO of Unique Wellness, another winner of an Innovative Retail Product Award at last month’s Medtrade for the company’s Wellness Brief and Underwear. “We created a solution for people who are suffering from incontinence,” explains Goelman. “Some products claim to be more or less absorbent, but they really boil down to the same thing—voiding patterns…the goal in creating our product is creating a solution, and our solution is scheduled changes one every eight hours or three in 24 hours—and during the entire eight hours they are not exposed.”

Finally, Kathy Gallivan, vice president, Distributor Relations, Renewal Technologies, summarizes the many benefits of a remarkable product called The Laser Touch One. The Laser Touch One is an FDA-cleared class two medical device designed for pain resolution. The unit can be sold over the counter in DME shops where it has been making an impact for the past two to three years.

“The Laser Touch One is a dual modality device,” says Gallivan. “We are not a magic wand. It is based on hard science…and we encourage dealers to go to or call our offices at (877) 751-7665 x1 and we will be happy to talk about the programs we have and how the laser benefits businesses and consumers alike.”