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Find Out How to Motivate Sales Personnel at Medtrade Spring

Ty Bello • March 4, 2018

LAS VEGAS – We hope you will join us and countless others at Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, scheduled for March 27-29 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. This is one of the most engaging meetings for HME Providers to attend. You will have the opportunity to meet with countless vendors and the education venues are terrific. If you have not made the choice to come to this show, allow me to encourage you to put this on your calendar.

While there, I hope you will join me as I coach through what I believe is one of the challenges we have in sales today in the HME Industry. Specifically, I will be coaching on Motivating our Sales Teams.

Too often we associate motivation with remuneration, and while making a living and achieving goals for a financial gain has been part of sales for a millennium, we need to achieve motivation with other resources. We must avoid treating and engaging our sales team as if they were coin operated, and the only way to get results is to put another coin in the slot.

During our coaching time, we will look at why we resort to this tactic and how to avoid it, and also define what incentives, bonuses, and commission should really do for the sales team and the business. We will explore how we change the behaviors of our Sales Team to achieve their goals and that of the business.

When you leave this session, you will be equipped to engage your team for results, and motivate them to impact the lives of those we have the honor to serve. I look forward to seeing all of you at the Medtrade Spring Show in Las Vegas.

Ty Bello is president of Team@Work, Spencerville, Indiana. Click Here to see the day, time, and place of Bello’s presentation at Medtrade Spring 2018.