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At Medtrade, One Product Can Change Everything

August 5, 2013

ELMIRA, NY – Can one Medtrade moment add a significant boost to business and career? Mike Sperduti, founder of Emerge Sales and co-host of HME Voice, believes the answer is an unequivocal yes.

Sperduti, who also serves as president of Renewal Technologies, has seen the phenomenon first hand, both for himself and for Medtrade attendees. Medtrade Monday recently caught up with Sperduti to chat about the kind of retail opportunities that add up to real solutions in tough times.

Medtrade Monday: When did you first learn about the Laser Touch One?
Mike Sperduti: How I got involved with the laser touch one is all due to Medtrade. I was conducting my HME Revenue Growth Summit at Mandalay Bay this past spring [Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas] and was approached by Vallerie Yaple general manager of Gerould’s Pharmacy in Elmira, NY.

At the summit, we always discuss growth strategies to help companies achieve breakthrough growth. We share ideas. Vallerie brought to the table the Laser Touch One (LTO).

Medtrade Monday: How did Vallerie discover the product?
Sperduti: She got involved with the product about a year ago at Medtrade in Atlanta. She picked up the LTO for herself because she suffered from herniated discs and chronic pain. She was on many medications for two and half years due to a car accident. She discovered the LTO at Medtrade then used it on herself and experienced immediate pain relief.

Within two months, she was pain free and living a happy and productive life. She felt like a new person with a new vigor for life and could not keep the LTO a secret. She was so impressed with the performance of the LTO and how it changed her life that she became a distributor through Geroulds pharmacy, and a provider of the product to the Elmira, NY, community.
Medtrade Monday: How did the product sell in her stores?
Sperduti: Within one year, she doubled her store revenues. It’s a remarkable story, and it’s a remarkable product. When she shared her story with me, I couldn’t understand why this product was not in every single household.

The product is FDA approved, has clinical studies, and is 93% effective in those studies at reducing pain. It is the most effective way to treat pain, and you don’t need medication.
Medtrade Monday: How did the Medtrade Spring venue facilitate exposure of the product?
Sperduti: I invited Vallerie and Renewal to demonstrate the LTO at our EMERGE booth at Medtrade Spring. We sold more than 100 units in eight hours. I couldn’t believe my eyes at how this product was instantly relieving everyone’s pain.
Medtrade Monday: Where did this product come from?
Sperduti: The founder and CEO Bob Gotthchalk had done an amazing job developing the company. He got  everything ready to rock ‘n roll, and unfortunately he got diagnosed with lymphoma and passed away 10 months later after the company was commercialized. Without Bob, the company experienced a lack of sales and marketing leadership and needed somebody to fill those shoes.
I was able to sit down with the CEO, who is now my partner David Tinkelman, along with the shareholders and Bob’s wife Judy, and work out a situation where I am privileged to lead the global expansion of LTO. We want to make it a household name, not only around the United States but the world. We want to bring Bob’s vision to fruition.

Medtrade Monday: Is Vallerie willing to chat with providers about the product?
Sperduti: Vallerie Yaple is now with the organization, and Valerie is available to HME providers who are serious about retail or serious about growing their revenues. Val’s on our staff and available to help the HME Retail community do what she did—and that is double sales in in this environment.

Medtrade Monday: How important is Medtrade in this day and age?
Sperduti: One product can change your company, and that one product is at Medtrade! If you are in the HME business, you need to be at Medtrade.

In my role as President of Emerge, my job is to identify opportunities and other game-changing products, and you can bet that we will be at Medtrade canvasing the New Product Pavilion. I encourage everybody reading this to do the same, because that is where the answers are.

There are tremendous opportunities and game changing products just like the LTO that you can bring into your store and change the destiny of your company. If it can happen for Vallerie, me, and all our distributors, it can happen to you.