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Why I Really Hope You Don’t Go to Medtrade

October 13, 2014

ATLANTA – Why do I want you to stay home instead of come to Medtrade (which starts next week on Oct 29 at the Georgia World Congress Center)?

Let me count the reasons:
5) Competitive bidding has destroyed the business.
4) Audits are too difficult and make success impossible.
3) All of us are going to be replaced by computers, and people are going to buy exclusively online.
2) Consolidation is inevitable, and there will soon only be a handful of companies left.
1) I don’t want you to go because I don’t want competition!

I don’t want you to go to Medtrade, and the reason I don’t want you to go is because I understand, like all the other people going to Medtrade, that there’s a huge opportunity in this space. I understand that 10,000 people are retiring every day, that spending is increasing from $200 billion to over a trillion dollars over the next 10 years, and I want to seize the opportunity as a business person.

I don’t want competition. For this reason, I love all this negativity. I love the fact that there are crises, because it’s taking everybody’s eye off the ball. Everybody is focusing on competitive bidding, audits, and nobody is thinking about the opportunity—except for people who are going to Medtrade.

At Medtrade, I can find the next big product like last time with the LaserTouchOne. At Medtrade, I can meet with folks like VGM, and find out the solutions or best practices that are helping HME businesses thrive. I can go to Medtrade and have my voice heard by AAHomecare, and have them represent my interests.

So just stay home and I wish you good luck with your business. Now, if you are going to Medtrade, and you’re one of the folks that get it then I want to meet you. The reason I want to meet you is because you’re going to be successful. You understand that there are seasons in life and seasons in business, and right now the industry is in winter, but spring will come.

When spring comes, the flowers will bloom and the opportunities will bloom for those of us who are planting the seeds right now. When the going gets tough, the tough jump on a plane and go to Medtrade, because Medtrade is where the smart and resourceful providers go to figure it all out.

At Medtrade, you will find answers from companies such as:
• A/R Allegiance to increase cash flow;
• Breathe to improve care and profitability to oxygen patients with a new IPhone app;
• Medolutions with a breakthrough in drug-free back pain technology that is reimbursable at high margins; and
• Sweet Feet, a fun product that solves a common problem of stinky feet that will help ring your cash register.

Thousands of other new products will be available from more than 500 vendors, and let’s not forget that more than 100 educational opportunities are also available from industry leaders who have inside information to give you an unfair advantage in your market.

I am thankful to Kevin Gaffney, the group show director, and to the Emerald Expositions team for putting together this world class event. This is the only show in America that brings our entire industry together.

This is our show—a show that has been designed by leading providers, manufactures and vendors who will provide us with answers. At Medtrade, you will meet and reunite with  highly motivated individuals, all focused on one mission, and that is to make the future bright for all of us HME folks. Take advantage of this fantastic moment in time to learn, grow, and take your business to new heights.

If you are going to Medtrade, please stop by my booth #2509, and consider attending my sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If you have not registered yet, use my discount code “strategies” for $50 off my 10x Sales Strategies Workshop and “Monday” for a free expo pass.  

But I really hope you stay home.  😉

Mike Sperduti is founder of Emerge Sales Inc.