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Survive and Thrive With Ten Proven HME Growth Strategies

September 9, 2013

HUNTINGTON, NY – Every owner and sales manager is thinking the same thing: “How do I drive more revenue?  How do I generate more referrals?  How are we going to survive on lower margins?  

Even if we win a competitive bid, how do we make sure we sell enough to make it worthwhile?” Now more than ever, sales needs to be your number one priority and your number one focus. I am privileged to work with the leading HME companies and thought leaders who are growing 20% to 100% in this new era of HME.

On October 7th, I am hosting a Medtrade Preshow seminar -The HME Revenue Growth Summit. For this exclusive event, I am bringing in VGM Forbin Web Marketing Manager Christina Throndson, who has managed profit driven online growth for hundreds of HME companies. Emerge Sales Vice President Mike Strange (who led his HME company to 40% revenue growth, and now helps HME businesses grow in this business environment) will join us along with Valarie Yaple, former GM of Gerould’s Pharmacy (now with me at Renewal Technologies). Valerie doubled her HME business in 12 months.

Together, with my band of experts, we’re going to share 10 proven HME Growth strategies that are working today and other tactics you can use to thrive. Here is a preview of what we will cover:
1) Referral Source Patient Demand Generation – Strategies to help your referral sources grow THEIR businesses to prove true value added and unparalleled loyalty.
2) Patient/Caregiver Education Programs – Helping referral sources provide outstanding education (pre-discharge and post-discharge) to increase patient satisfaction, compliance and outcomes.
3) Clinical Support Services – Integrating clinical services with traditional “commodity” products and services.
4) Outcomes Management Programs – Helping referral sources provide a higher standard of care and help meet the challenges of accountable care organizations.
5) Patient-Centric Technology & Equipment – game-changing products that improve patient care and your bottom line.
6) Strategic and Synchronistic Marketing – creating a powerful and consistent marketing plan utilizing traditional and new media marketing that drives referrals and revenue
7) Profit-driven Online Strategies – Internet strategies that really work.  
8) Predictable & Repeatable Sales Metrics – a blueprint for measuring and tracking critical sales activity that produces consistent new patient growth.
9) Relationship Marketing via LinkedIn – create new, faster and more meaningful relationship with referral sources.
10) Inside Sales Integration – the future is calling! How to use the telephone to create and drive in new business.

This session is exclusively for owners, presidents, and sales executives who are the leaders in our industry and are not only willing to learn, but share what’s working. While most are looking to the past, we’re looking to the future and know our HME business is here to stay.

Together, with all these ideas along with our distinguished attendees, 2013 will close strong and, we’ll position ourselves to thrive in 2014. If you’re committed to growth and doing whatever it takes to succeed, join us and use my code EMERGE13 to receive a $50 discount.

Mike Sperduti is president of Renewal Technologies, Emerge and Mike Sperduti Sales. His companies have become world class brands that are leaders in their product and service category – from the intelligent prospecting system “SalesGen” to the highly acclaimed “7- Step Sales Process” to “UPCARING” to the revolutionary pain relieving device the Laser Touch One. Mike can be reached at or call 631-923-0223.