Moving the HME Industry Forward


Stand With Me and Fight

May 18, 2015

EBENSBURG, PA – This week marks yet another American Association for Homecare (AAHomecare) Washington Legislative Conference, and if you can make the trip, there is still time to make plans. Click Here for more information about how you can register.

I have been to our nation’s capitol many times for past conferences, but this time I have what I’ve called the “terrifying honor” of taking over as new chairman of AAHomecare. Robert Steedley has done an outstanding job, and I plan to continue to fight on behalf of the industry.

As president of Laurel Medical Supplies, a family-owned business with three locations in Pennsylvania and one in Maryland, I have seen the challenges mount every year for HME providers. Inclusion of binding bids/licensure language in the doc fix bill earlier this year was an excellent win for us, but there is so much more work to be done.

When I heard about competitive bidding, I thought: Somebody is going to do something about this. I am that somebody. You are that somebody. And we, together, can make a difference. I have seen it, and I believe it.

I grew up talking politics around the dinner table, and going to an office in your home state or on Capitol Hill is really not that much different. You know your business, and you know what is fair and unfair. There are so many issues, but audits and competitive bidding alone should light a fire under you. Your legislators will listen, but they can’t hear you if you are not making phone calls, sending e-mails, and knocking on their doors.

It’s my honor to serve as chairman of AAHomecare, and I invite you to stand with me and fight for the industry by joining AAHomecare, joining your state association, and going to trade shows such as Medtrade.

John Letizia is president of Pennsylvania-based Laurel Medical Supplies.
He will take over as the new chairman of AAHomecare on Wednesday, May
20, 2015.