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Medtrade Spring and the Value of Face-to-Face Meetings

April 13, 2015

LAS VEGAS – The first evidence (that I can remember) of a virtual meeting backlash appeared in a 2010 issue of the Wall Street Journal. Nothing ever dies on the Internet, and I managed to find the 5-year-old article that includes a lengthy analysis on the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings.

I’m sure there are several similar studies, and many of them inevitably quote psychologists and even anthropologists who opine about the primal origins of the handshake, and its importance in cementing relationships. In the context of a trade show such as the recently concluded Medtrade Spring, the academic ruminations ring true.

I see the interactions on the show floor at Medtrade Spring, the earnest conversations at networking events, and the special attention paid to in-person lecturers at educational sessions. It’s a unique opportunity that transcends webinars.

As a journalist who has covered the HME industry for more than a decade now, I’m amazed at the camaraderie among providers and advocates. This type of networking is the secret sauce of any trade show, and it simply can’t be equaled by phone conversations.

If you missed Medtrade Spring, I hope you’ll attend Medtrade in Atlanta. The dates are Oct 26-29, 2015, and gears have immediately switched to the Peach State in an effort to craft the best Medtrade ever.

Finally, you can’t see Penn & Teller if you’re stuck in Fort Collins, Colorado (that’s me posing with master magician Penn Jillette).  

Greg Thompson is the editor of Medtrade Monday.