Moving the HME Industry Forward


Looking Forward to Medtrade Spring

January 6, 2014

LAS VEGAS – In many ways, 2013 was a paradox. Undeniable opportunity uneasily coexisted with the July 1 implementation of round two of competitive bidding.

From my perspective as group show director of Medtrade, it meant that content was more important than ever. The dedicated members of our educational advisory board (EAB) feel the same way, and they have the experience to ensure that the upcoming Medtrade Spring show (just 63 days away) will be filled with ruthlessly relevant material.

For those who believe that Medtrade Spring may not be worth the trip, my friend Mike Sperduti recently had some words of inspiration. “This is our time,” he said. “This is a time for people who are committed to excellence and can’t wait for March 10-12 to get on that plane to Las Vegas, because they know they are going to be one of the people who makes a change and reaps the rewards.”

It is a cliché, but the success of the HME industry is completely tied to the success of Medtrade. The fact is that we surprised a lot of people last year with the success of Medtrade Spring, and this year we have an incredibly focused Spring show.

The education is even more in-depth this time around (see top story in this Medtrade Monday) which necessitated slightly fewer overall sessions. Add it all up and the Spring version of the nation’s premiere HME trade show will be an event that is not to be missed.

I encourage you to sign up for Medtrade Spring (click here to register) and enjoy all that this show has to offer. Until then, I wish you happy new year and much success.

Kevin Gaffney is group show director for Medtrade.