Moving the HME Industry Forward


Legal Challenge Marches on

July 29, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC – In addition to ongoing legislative efforts, AAHomecare is still pursuing a preliminary injunction/temporary restraining order against CMS to halt competitive bidding.

In a note to members last week, AAHomecare officials revealed that they are committing “considerable resources” to the legal challenge “and it is expected to cost in excess of $180,000.”

Officials are calling for contributions across the entire home care community to help fund the STOP Competitive Bidding Fund to help pay the legal costs of litigation. “Your kind support and payment to the fund will allow us to meet our current expenses and be better prepared for the next challenge,” wrote officials. “We hope you will make a significant contribution based on the resources of your company or organization.”

Every company and group that makes a contribution of $200 or more will appear, if it so chooses, on the AAHomecare List of Donors for the STOP Competitive Bidding Fund which the association will publicize on its web site, in other communications, and in industry media/events such as Medtrade.

Details about how to make a contribution and the different levels of support are provided on the contribution form. Those seeking further information can contact either Tyler Wilson, AAHomecare president, or Robert Steedley, chairman of AAHomecare.

Virtual Fly-In Adds to the Pressure
The home care community mobilized last week to keep the pressure on in the effort to stop competitive bidding.  Here is a sample of the activity:
• 773 people joined the AAHomecare grassroots network as new advocates;
• 3,350 emails were sent to Congress from the AAHomecare Action Center;
• MK Battery had all 14 of their field reps in 7 different states, call Congress;
• Home Medical Equipment & Services Association of New England (HOMES) members have now convinced half of their combined congressional delegation to cosponsor H.R. 1717;
• Alabama Durable Medical Equipment Association (ADMEA) members have brought on 2 more of their representatives as cosponsors for H.R. 1717; and
John Komuda, owner of CNY Medical Products, and an AAHomecare member, did a television interview on bidding’s impact on wheelchair users.