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If You Have Something to Say – A Call for Editorials

April 27, 2015

ATLANTA – In the world of editorial writing, the usual suspects are rounded up for a reason. They have opinions, and in some cases it is their job to have opinions.

As the humble editor of Medtrade Monday, I am grateful for their countless contributions over the last three-plus years. I will continue to haunt these kind advocates who have come to expect the e-mail request for an editorial with a half-hour turnaround. No problem, right?

If you have never submitted an editorial to good ol’ Medtrade Monday, and you have strong opinions to share about the industry, I invite you to send an editorial. I’m looking for actual HME providers (imagine that) who have a cause, an opinion, or even a bit of inspiration to share.

Submissions should be 250 words minimum and 750 words maximum, and should include a photo of your smiling face with at least a 25 KB resolution. I can’t guarantee your editorial will appear, but I can guarantee it will have a wee bit of editing for readability.

If the prospect of sharing your opinions with thousands of readers is appealing, send your written piece via e-mail to  If you lose that e-mail, you can always find it at the Web site (under press service center), a comprehensive repository of info relating to the Oct 26-29, 2015, Medtrade show in Atlanta.  I hope to see you there.

Greg Thompson is the editor of Medtrade Monday and director of Media Relations for Medtrade.