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ACA Equals Confusion

October 28, 2013

VIERA, FL – I just finished reading various points of view about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the newspapers I receive daily. Opponents call it OBAMACare. I call it confusion.

There appears to be a complete lack of understanding about this legislation. Congress passed it, the President signed it, and it is not anything new. So why is there so much confusion?

If you wish to drive a vehicle, you must get a license. That is the law. If you want health insurance, you are able to purchase it. If your earnings are below a certain level, there is Medicaid. To buy health insurance has to be a personal decision, but the law says you must. I repeat that this has to be a personal decision, not legislation.

This should be sufficient reason for every uninsured citizen to see what is available and then obtain what they feel is best for them. It is unfair to fine or penalize someone who does not. They will suffer the consequence if they have no coverage. This is what the law should accomplish. A voluntary response, not a forced one, is what the USA stands for.

Congress has the ability to make changes, prepare new laws, and run the country. That is their task and their electorate has voted them in. When in DC, they must remember they represent all the citizens, not just those who voted for them. Rather than destroy the ACA, they can modify. it. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

I feel that any new legislation will control how monies are spent. With a few modifications, Congress can correct any blatant faults. Modifications can be added.

There are few or no standards for what is dispensed. There are no requirements for a DME/HME provider. There has to be something added to accreditation—perhaps a clause indicating dealers can be suspended or revoked if they are not meeting standards, the same as a license. They can add this to ACA and in that fashion develop a stronger law.

The confusion in DC by our elected officials is embarrassing the country. They have to sit down and review all of the ACA and make the modest restructuring additions, rather than eliminate what has been accomplished.

Shelly Prial is an industry veteran, longtime HME advocate, and Medtrade Ambassador.