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AAHomecare in Action – President’s 2016 Budget Released

February 9, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – The President’s FY 2016 budget was released on Monday, and there are two DME references. Once again, the President proposes limiting Medicaid reimbursement to competitive bidding rates.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) estimates the savings would be $4.27 billion over ten years. This proposal has been in every budget President Obama has submitted and we have successfully defended against it every time. We will continue to fight against this proposal to make sure it doesn’t get passed this time.

The second reference is to changes to the DMEPOS face-to-face requirement. The budget doesn’t provide details of the proposal, but OMB estimate the change would be budget neutral. AAHomecare will contact CMS for more details.

AAHomecare Leaders Participate in Social Conversation on Home Health
WASHINGTON, DC – On January 27, AAHomecare (@AAHomecare), Save My Medical Supplies (@SaveMyMedSupply) and AAHomecare CEO Tom Ryan (@TomRyanHME) participated in a Twitter chat about the future of home health.

The Alliance for Home Health Quality & Innovation (AAHQI) hosts a monthly “Healthy At Home” Twitter chat that brings together various stakeholders in the home health policy community, including home health associations, providers and caregivers, patients and clinicians. In January, the Twitter chat was co-hosted by People for Quality Care, @QualityCare14. Many thanks to PFQC’s Lalaina Rabury for inviting AAHomecare to participate!.

Topics included HME’s place in the homecare continuum and how HME can better engage with consumers and other homecare professionals. Click here to see the recap.