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The 2015 Medtrade Monday Baird Database is Available

December 28, 2015

AMARILLO, TX – Regular Medtrade Monday readers have come to rely on the insights of Jeffrey S. Baird, chairman of the Health Care Group at Brown & Fortunato, Amarillo, Tex. Baird writes a weekly column for Medtrade Monday, and his columns are all available in the archives.

The following is a partial list of Jeff’s articles from 2015. To access the articles, click on the hyperlinked article titles.

Dec 21, 2015Hiring Sales Rep Whose Spouse is a Physician

Dec 14, 2015OIG Work Plan 2016 – Part Two

Dec 7, 2015OIG Work Plan 2016 – Part One

Nov 30, 2015Consignment Closet With Hospital ER: Important Contract Provisions

Nov 23, 2015Sale of Patient Information: HIPAA Restrictions

Nov 16, 2015Real World Fraud Lessons from the Pharmacy Arena

Nov 9, 2015Investigating and Reporting HIPAA Breach

Oct 26, 2015Pioneer ACOs May Flounder, But ACOs Are Not Dead

Oct 19, 2015Buying and Selling a DME Supplier

Oct 12, 2015Federal Laws Governing Transfer of Assets

Oct 5, 2015Caretailing and Baby Boomers

Sept 28, 2015Consignment Agreement With Hospital – Key Provisions

Sept 21, 2015Assuming Responsibility for Oxygen Patients

Sept 14, 2015Offering Free Services to Medicare Beneficiaries

Sept 7, 2015Discount Safe Harbor: Substance Over Form

Aug 31, 2015Hospital Consignment Arrangement and Chargeback Obligation

Aug 24, 2015CMS Limits Scope of Review on Redetermination and Reconsideration

Aug 17, 2015Beneficiary Inducement Statute – Applicability to DME Suppliers

Aug 10, 2015The 60-Day Rule – What Does it Mean?

Aug 3, 2105Offering “Value-Added” Services to Physicians and Patients

July 27, 2015Recent Federal Cases – Medicare Anti-Kickback Statute

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