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Session Spotlight – Setting Up the Retail Staff to Win

March 9, 2015

LAS VEGAS – Building on the retail buzz is a major focus for DME providers looking to diversify and capitalize on the massive baby boom generation. MED Group expert Todd Blockinger will be on hand at Medtrade Spring to dispel some common misconceptions about retail marketing.

“Everywhere you look, there are articles discussing the importance of getting into the retail business, manufacturers designing and launching new retail products on what seems like a daily basis, and new internet retail sites appearing at a brisk pace,” says Blockinger, senior director of Sales, MED Group. “Many owners, CEOs, and presidents have laid down large ‘bets’ on the thinking, even hoping, that retail sales would be the solution to decreasing reimbursement and improved diversification.  

“Many companies have spent an exorbitant amount of capital to create retail space, relocated to a more retail friendly location, invested in additional retail items to support this new endeavor, opened new retail stores, and then waited for the customers to walk in,” continues Blockinger. “It reminds me a little of the movie ‘Field of Dreams,’ and the famous quote, ‘If you build it, they will come.’ We all know that this simply is not true when discussing HME Retail Sales.”

Blockinger’s presentation at Medtrade Spring will address these misconceptions, and attendees will learn more about how they can implement a successful retail/cash sale program.

Setting Up Your Retail Sales Staff to Win
SPEAKER: Todd Blockinger, senior director of Sales, MED Group
TRACK: Retail
DAY: Monday, March 30, 2015
TIME: 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM
LOCATION: South Pacific A

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