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Road to Medtrade – Face-to-Face in the Real World

July 7, 2014

ATLANTA – The upcoming Medtrade (Oct 20-23, 2014 in Atlanta) has an excellent line-up of speakers who will present programs addressing the most important topics faced by DME suppliers today. Every issue of Medtrade Monday, leading up to Medtrade, will highlight a Medtrade program.

Face-to-Face in the Real World: How to Comply In Its Current Form
If you are confused about the face-to-face (FTF) requirements, you are not alone. CMS instructed suppliers to adopt the FTF requirements on July 1, 2013, yet so many questions remain about exactly HOW to comply.

Which requirements are being enforced? When can suppliers cure an error? Most importantly, are we all on the same page when it comes to which elements are ABSOLUTELY necessary to deliver products?

In this session, reimbursement consultant Andrea Stark answers the questions surrounding the FTF requirements and brings clarity to frustrated suppliers. The following topics will be specifically addressed:
• a breakdown of the FTF implementation in Phase 1;
• what we can expect from the FTF implementation in Phase 2;
• where we stand on audits and FTF documentation implementation;
• common errors and oversights regarding FTF;
• the latest clarifications from CMS for multiple contributing physicians;
• FTF tools and  resources currently available to providers; and
• product delivery in the context of Oxygen and PAP – where FTF applies to some, but not all services

The rules and requirements have continued to unravel since the publication of the Face-to-Face rule and many providers are still scratching their heads about implementation in the real world.

Join us for an in-depth examination at Medtrade on Tuesday 10/21, 1:30 PM Eastern Time in a session presented by Andrea Stark of MiraVista, LLC titled Face-to-Face in the Real World: How to Comply in Its Current Form.