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Road to Medtrade – Audit Proof Medicare Charts

August 25, 2014

ATLANTA – The upcoming Medtrade (Oct 20-23, 2014 in Atlanta) has an excellent line-up of speakers who will present programs addressing the most important topics faced by DME suppliers today. Every issue of Medtrade Monday, leading up to Medtrade, will highlight a Medtrade program.

“Breaking Bad” Habits with Your Documentation: How to Create Audit-Proof Medicare Patient Charts
Paying homage to the wildly successful TV series Breaking Bad, this session will focus on creating and maintaining “audit proof” patient charts by breaking the documentation bad habits that have plagued our industry for years.

In today’s audit “free for all,” those putting their eyes on your documentation are like rabid, salivating dogs looking for any un-crossed T’s and un-dotted I’s. Why? Because most of them are compensated based on a percentage of what they have Medicare take back from you! If Walter White (Heisenberg) was a DME provider, I promise you his documentation would be so clean you would be able to eat off his patient charts (If you’re not familiar with the TV series, he was VERY particular and precise).

The key to creating these “audit proof” patient charts is to have a well trained staff and the right person with the right skill set in the right position. Many providers make the mistake of putting new, green hires into customer service positions as they feel this would be the best place for this person to learn.

While it is understood that these folks need to start somewhere, place them in less financially vulnerable positions as they learn the business such as schmoozing customers at retail or posting payments. If a provider is hell-bent on starting new hires in customer service, PLEASE make sure they shadow an experienced team member to learn the process properly.

Once the patient intake and insurance verification processes are complete, gathering the necessary documentation is the next critical part of the reimbursement process. There are NO unimportant parts of the reimbursement process and your documentation is no exception. This session will cover (in great detail) the following documents and topics:

• Assignment Of Benefits (AOB)
• Physician Orders / Detail Written Orders
• Face-To-Face requirements (F2F)
• Written Orders Prior to Delivery (WOPD)
• Signature requirements
• Proof Of Delivery (POD)
• Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN)
• Medicare Supplier Standards
• The KX Modifier
• Certificates of Medical Necessity (CMN) & DME Information Forms (DIF)

Hear from the Presenter
Medtrade Monday: Why is this topic important?
Bruce Brothis, president of Allegient Billing & Consulting, Inc: This topic is critically important for all HME providers to insure they have complete and compliant patient charts with the ability to perform to the onslaught of audits they are receiving.

Medtrade Monday: Why should people attend this presentation?
Brothis: This session should be attended by all aspects of HME personnel from CEOs to customer service reps to ensure the entire organization is aware of documentation requirements and have the same “buy-in” and commitment to “audit proof” patient charts throughout the organization.

On Monday, October 20, 2014, Bruce Brothis, president of Allegient Billing & Consulting Inc, will present an in-depth program entitled ‘Breaking Bad’ Habits with Your Documentation: How to Create Audit-Proof Medicare Patient Charts.