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Power Lunch at Medtrade Spring: Food for Thought

February 8, 2016

LAS VEGAS – Sponsored by The VGM Group, the Power Lunch at Medtrade Spring features six facilitators from VGM, along with experts Mary Ellen Conway, Denise Leard, and Miriam Lieber.

Select the topic of your choice (see below) and make plans to eat lunch and question experts for a full 90 minutes. “It’s a great way to get your lunch and engage in an open discussion with long-time Medtrade speakers who absolutely know of what they speak,” says Kevin Gaffney, group show director, Medtrade. “Limited seats are still available, and The Power Lunch is a great way to maximize your time at the nation’s premiere HME-focused trade show.”

The POWER LUNCH, sponsored by The VGM Group Inc, is Tuesday, March 1, from 11:45 am – 1:15 pm, with moderator Scott Owen, vice president, National Sales, VGM and Associates.

Select from the following TABLE TOPICS:
• Documentation Requirements: Continuing Documentation Challenges – What are the Best Practices to Get What You Need from Prescribers?
Facilitator: Mary Ellen Conway, president, Capital Healthcare Group
Face-to-face chart notes with the LCD requirements met, correct ICD-10 codes, a complete WOPD: it’s all required, yet we still have problems every day due to cranky prescribers, transcription delays and more. Come discuss best practices and remedies to help you have bullet-proof records with all of the documentation you need when it’s time for an audit.

• Social Media/Web Marketing: Posting Content that Strikes a Chord – Simple Tips and Tricks
Facilitator: Christina Throndson, Web Marketing Manager, VGM Forbin
How do I grab my customers’ attention? Join our discussion on simple ways to improve social media posts for better engagement.

• Retail HME: Retail Growth, Where Are the Best Opportunities
Facilitators: Jim Greatorex, Retail Services Business Development, VGM Group Inc;
Rob Baumhover, director of Retail Programs, VGM Group Inc;
Maria Markusen, director of Operations and Development, VGM Retail;
In this interactive lunch session, facilitators will share all things that have contributed to HME Retail growth—product lines, marketing campaigns, and in-store experiences that have been used with success.

• Home: Home Accessibility Solutions
Facilitator: Jerry Kiederling, president, Accessible Home Improvement of America, a division of VGM
During this round table discussion, attendees will hear how to develop a successful home accessibility strategy that increases cash flow and molds seamlessly with your business model. Join in the conversation to understand the need, evaluate the opportunity, and develop the plan that will take care of customer’s needs and increase cash flow.

• Audits: Problems and Solutions
Facilitators: Denise Leard, Attorney, Brown & Fortunato; Wayne van Halem, president, The van Halem Group, a division of VGM; Kelly Grahovac, senior consultant, The van Halem Group
Medicare Suppliers will continue to face audits at an increasing rate. For this reason, knowing how to respond to a request for additional documentation can make or break a company. Understanding the process is the key to success. Discuss with your peers the various types of audits suppliers face and, most importantly, the best practices for responding to any audit request.

• Leadership: The Instrument for Success in HME Today
Facilitator: Miriam Lieber, President, Lieber Consulting LLC
The combination of accountability measures and people skills are foundations for success in today’s HME business. Running a company without goals and expectations is no longer acceptable. To ensure viability and prosperity, standard levels of performance and coaching from the leaders is imperative. Share in a lively discussion about the true art of leadership in HME.

• Using Data: Fighting back against Standard Reports
Facilitator: Ryan McDevitt, partner, Laboratory Tactical Consulting
Asking questions of your data is more complex than just analyzing it. This table discussion will be based around using the data that comes out of your software systems and arranging it so that it can be better understood and discussed. Most discussions will be based around Microsoft Excel or other platforms most common to providers.

The four Networking Events planned for Medtrade Spring are: 1) Audit Happy Hour; 2) Power Lunch (pictured); 3) AAHomecare’s Stand Up for Homecare Reception; and 4) The HME Breakfast Club. Check for more info about all things Medtrade Spring.

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