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Offshore Subcontracting – Medicare Guidance

November 28, 2016

AMARILLO, TX – In a previous Medtrade Monday article, I discussed utilization by DME suppliers of offshore subcontractors. This article provides further Medicare guidance.

On July 23, 2007, CMS issues a letter to Medicare Part C and D plan sponsors addressing the performance of the plan sponsors’ activities outside of the United States. In the letter, CMS asked each plan sponsor to submit information about offshore subcontractors plus an attestation that the plan sponsor has taken steps to address the risks associated with sending “protected health information,” as defined by HIPAA (“PHI”), to foreign subcontractors. The letter directed plan sponsors to mail hard copies of the information and attestations to CMS.

On September 20, 2007, CMS issued another letter that addressed questions arising from the July 23 letter. In the September 20 letter, CMS stated that the subcontractor relationships the plan sponsors are required to disclose must include all downstream subcontractors. 42 C.F.R. 1001.952(t)(2)(i), (iii), and Medicare Managed Care Manual, Chapter 11, Section 10 define a “downstream contractor” as a party that enters into an agreement below the level of the agreement between the plan sponsor and a first tier subcontractor down to the level of the ultimate provider of health and/or administrative services. The September 20 letter further stated that “Medicare-related work” that triggers the reporting and attestation requirements includes claims processing and data entry.

On August 26, 2008, CMS issued a letter announcing the launch of the Offshore Subcontractor Data module in the Health Plan Management System website. This module allows plan sponsors to submit the required information and attestations electronically rather than by hard copy.

Based on CMS’s requirement that Medicare Part C and D plan sponsors gather and submit information about offshore subcontractors, we can conclude that CMS does not prohibit a DME supplier from using an offshore subcontractor in connection with PHI from Medicare beneficiaries. Because CMS issued its directive to plan sponsors to submit information and attestations to the Offshore Subcontractor Data Module, a downstream subcontractor is not directly required to submit information to the module.

DME suppliers (that contract with offshore subcontractors) may be required by their network agreements to provide information and attestations to the Part C and D plans that those suppliers are in network with. In this case, the suppliers may seek information and attestations from the offshore subcontractors. As of yet, CMS has not issued a directive to downstream subcontractors to enter information into the Offshore Subcontractor Data module.

The bottom line is that CMS guidance does not prohibit a DME supplier that bills Medicare under the fee-for-service program, or a supplier that is in network with a Medicare managed care plan, from using an offshore subcontractor to perform claims processing services.

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