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Medtrade Session Spotlight – Digital Marketing to the Aging Population – Oct 25

October 20, 2017

ATLANTA – Medtrade speaker Ken Robbins wants to dispel a few misconceptions about digital marketing to the older generation. “I think the biggest misconception about digital marketing to seniors is the belief that they aren’t online,” says Robbins, CEO, Response Mine Interactive.

Robbins will share his insights during a Medtrade educational session set for Wednesday, Oct 25, from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m., in Room C212. We chatted with Robbins to get an idea of what attendees can expect to hear at the session.

Medtrade: What is the biggest misconception about digital marketing to seniors?

Ken Robbins, CEO, Response Mine Interactive: I think the biggest misconception about digital marketing to seniors is the belief that they aren’t online. According to Pew research, 62% of people over 65 are on Facebook. Many of these people are grandparents. They want to communicate and connect with their grandkids, and the place to do that is on social media. They are there; they may have been late to the game, but seniors are online. They are emailing, surging, researching travel and health, and staying connected with distant family.

Medtrade: What can attendees expect who come to your presentation?

Robbins: First, my presentation is way past the argument that seniors are online. It’s more that your business is not. Even if it is online, you’re not competing for the audience and giving them the user experience that will convert them to buy your product. I will present some real world observations about how to use digital marketing and your website to attract and convert more customers and patients.

Medtrade: What is your overall level of optimism about the HME market and providers’ abilities to successfully reach this market?

Robbins: Providers can absolutely reach their market online. Cancer and diabetes top the list of health-related searches online. Products like home oxygen, CPAP machines, and BP monitors have hundreds of thousands of searches. If the patient is not online, then the Gen X caregiver is.

Health conditions are a mystery and have to be researched. Then the conditions and the products are often researched. That’s all done online and HME retailers and providers must be there or Amazon and other competitors will grab that customer.

Medtrade: What is your experience in this arena?

Robbins: We’ve been marketing to seniors online since 2001 for companies like Liberty Medical, Hoveround, and Back Pain Centers of America. My session will include observations and case studies on how to attract, persuade, and convert more customers using online channels. I’ll show the simple math that should guide online marketing and the power of converting more on your landing pages and through the phone. My goal is that attendees leave my session and make one or two changes that deliver more inquires and sales to their business right away.

  • Digital Marketing to the Aging Population
  • Wednesday, Oct 25
  • 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
  • Room: C212