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Medtrade – Judges Name Innovative HME Retail Product Award Winners

October 20, 2014

ATLANTA – A panel of judges has named this year’s Innovative HME Retail Product Award winners, sponsored by HomeCare Magazine. In what has become a Medtrade tradition, the awards are designed to honor HME products that are particularly suited for retail sale. 
Five Winners
• The WiTouch Wireless TENS Unit by Core Products International (Booth #2533)
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According to Phil Mattision, president of Core Products International, the WiTouch Wireless TENS Unit is the first wireless TENS unit cleared by the FDA for over the counter sale. 
“The unit is superior in design, function, quality and power to the cheaper imitation units that are now being sold in chain drug stores,” he says. “Core Products has also developed many tools that make selling and retailing the WiTouch easy, such as point-of-purchase displays, customized brochures, and many videos that can be used by health care retailers. The WiTouch is also ‘hi-tech’ in appearance and function, and it comes in attractive and colorful packaging.” 
• TheraPeaz Hot/Cold Therapy by FrozenPeaz (Booth #2567)
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MaryCarol Dolivier, co-founder/president of FrozenPeaz, believes Medtrade is an ideal environment to launch a retail product in pain management. Medtrade attendees will once again have the chance to touch and feel FrozenPeaz to see how it differs from other pain management products.  
“Before experiencing our FrozenPeaz, some people assume we are just another gel pack,” says Dolivier. “That could not be further from the truth. VirtualPeaz are made of a proprietary glass-like material. Unlike gel beads, VirtualPeaz won’t disintegrate with repeated use or microwaving. That means a longer lasting, high-performance product, which requires less replacement—making FrozenPeaz a better overall value to the consumer and the environment.
“Additionally, while DME retailers are embracing consumer-friendly cash products, many manufacturers of these products lack shelf-ready packaging,” continues Dolivier. “We believe our packaging is some of the best available for retail.” 
• The Shiatsu Lift Chair by Golden Technologies (Booth #2229)
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“The judges selected our product because it is something unique in our industry,” says Pat O’Brien, director of Marketing and Merchandising, Golden Technologies, Old Forge, Pa. “There are a lot of ‘me-too’ products out there, but we are the first to introduce this Shiatsu massage system into a lift chair. It is something that will resonate with consumers and be an easy retail sale for our dealers.” 
An in-person visit to the huge Golden Technologies Booth will allow attendees to experience what O’Brien calls the incredible comfort of the chair. “Even without using the Shiatsu massage, it is an amazingly comfortable chair to use as a power recliner,” she says. “It has the pocketed coil spring seat which offers reflective seat support. As you shift your weight from one side to the other, you have constant support in the seat. When you add the rolling Shiatsu massage, it makes a difference in how your back feels. 
“We have been going to Medtrade since the beginning, and we are proud to be loyal to both Medtrade and Medtrade Spring,” adds O’Brien. “As the company has grown, our booth size has grown. We are proud to again have one of the largest booths at the show this year.”
• The Motivo Tour (Walker) by Motivo (Booth #955)
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For Jeremy Knopow, co-founder of Motivo (, Medtrade represents a chance to show the world a new take on the familiar walker. 
“With the industry looking for new and innovative retail products, Medtrade gives us a great opportunity to launch our all new Motivo Tour walker by connecting directly with the dealers and allowing them to touch and feel the innovation in person,” says Knopow, who’s company will be represented at Booth #955. “This will be our first Medtrade as an exhibitor.” 
Knopow and his business partner founded the company when their own parents needed walking aids, but everything on the market appeared “rudimentary” and medical looking. “We thought our parents deserved better,” says Knopow. “Looking at the ever-growing population needing these kinds of products, it seemed that we couldn’t be the only ones who thought this way. So we decided to put our collective 40 years of product design experience together to see if we could come up with something better—independence enabling products designed for people, not patients.”
• TENA Skincare System by SCA Personal Care (Booth #2059)
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Jessica Lan, senior product manager, SCA Personal Care, says TENA® Skincare products were specifically developed to be easy to use and understand for individuals and caregivers. “The new color-coded graphics, clear functional labeling, and modern packaging are designed to be consumer-friendly, while still carrying the legacy of TENA’s expertise in incontinence,” says Lan. “We believe that this unique blend of consumer appeal and clinical background makes TENA Skincare an attractive proposition that few other competitors offer.
“We hope to tell Medtrade attendees about the TENA® Difference, and how SCA Personal Care products can create value for them by growing their incontinence sales,” adds Lan. “We can help providers’ customers by providing them with the right individualized products and solutions…We have been extremely happy exhibiting at Medtrade year after year. No other home health care show allows us to connect with so many prospects.” 
Attendees at this year’s Medtrade can view the winners at each company’s booth. Winning products, and all entries, can also be viewed at the Ideas in Retail display (Booth #744) on the Expo floor at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. 
On Wednesday, Oct 22, from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m., Jim Greatorex, president of Black Bear Medical, will host The Best New HME Retail/Cash Opportunities, an educational session that allows five minutes for each winning exhibitor to explain his or her opportunity. After all presentations, the floor will open to questions from the audience. 
HME providers come to Medtrade to find the next great opportunity, and this session will present the best in one setting. The session (held in Room #C205) is part of the 6-4-18 Series. “Medtrade is the absolute best place to find solutions in this tough new HME world,” adds Greatorex. “Where else can you find new and alternative product offerings to off-set lost revenue, plus get the opportunity to see and hear from great speakers? We all need solutions right now. Atlanta in October is where the best answers can be found.”