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Learn About Home Modifications at Medtrade Spring

February 16, 2015

GREEN BAY, WI – Home modifications can relate well to your HME/DME company, especially if you want to increase cash/credit card and/or commercial sales.

Home modification can free you from the rigors, regulations and low profit margins of traditional HME/DME Business.

You can become less dependent on Medicare, Medicaid, and traditional health insurance reimbursement by selling directly to the consumer what are mostly non reimbursable home modifications, home modification products, and other personal comfort products.

Medtrade Spring starts in 43 days, and I will be speaking at an educational session—Home Modifications – Essentials for Success—scheduled for Tuesday, March 31, 2015. The time is 2:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m in South Pacific A. Upon completion, you will be capable of identifying the levels of product variability and complexity within the home modification marketplace, as well as be able to identify the product “Niche” that will best fit your company.

In addition to making your company a market leader within your chosen “niche” that ability should lead to increased sales, improved profitability and enhanced cash flow. You will have a better understanding of the inherent characteristics of your “niche” Marketplace and how to relate to the most impactful generational marketplace (overall group of people) in all of history.

Beyond that you will learn how to effectively maneuver within your chosen niche through effective marketing, because you will have a firm understanding of what marketing strategies and techniques are necessary for success: from who makes up this marketplace; to how to reach them; the products and services that need to be included in your niche; and most importantly how to convert consumers within your niche into your customers—your repeat customers and your company’s fans.   

Bill Stelzer is a VGM/AHIA consultant/coach on “In Home Safety and Accessibility,” and a former entrepreneurial general manager of Green Bay, Wis-based Home Medical Equipment.

General registration is open for Medtrade Spring, and anyone who has any questions about the registration process should call: (877) 914-4677 (toll free) or (240) 439-2984 (International residents) between the hours of 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST, or email:

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