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Co-Location Offers Added Value

January 23, 2017

LAS VEGAS – If you’re still trying to decide whether to attend Medtrade Spring, the Environments for Aging co-location may well be a tempting reason. You get access to two show floors for the price of one, and an opportunity to network with EFA design firms and aging specialists.

Medtrade Spring attendees who also have a Conference Badge (as opposed to only the Expo badge), will have access to six specially selected EFA sessions. Click Here to see the sessions.

To get a better idea of the many co-location benefits, Medtrade Monday chatted with Jennifer Wilcox, director of Education for the Center for Health Design, Concorde, California. Wilcox serves as member/facilitator of the EFA’s educational advisory board.

Medtrade Monday: Why should Medtrade Spring attendees be interested in the EFA show?
Jennifer Wilcox: There is crossover appeal, because a lot of the people on the EFA trade show floor are vendors dealing with interiors for aging in place environments, such as lighting, flooring, and furniture.

There are various assistance equipment products on the show floor, as well as exhibitors who are not dealing in products, but instead have advisory and consultant services. They are aging specialists who would be of interest to HME providers. These people can make recommendations for environment changes and products to assist people as they age. There is a lot of relevant knowledge out there, and it is based on research.  

Medtrade Monday: How can EFA’s particular perspective add value to the overall show experience?
Wilcox: EFA sessions can broaden exposure to increased educational content from a perspective that both sides may have not considered. The people who typically attend EFA have dealt with facilities that are not necessarily the home, whereas HME focuses more on the home. There is a lot that homecare can learn from designed facilities and vice versa.

Medtrade Monday: What about the networking possibilities?
Wilcox: The opportunity to increase contacts with other professionals, and boost their networking, is always a great thing. These two groups share common goals. Both groups want to improve the health and wellbeing of people as they age. Exposure to new and different products, equipment, and materials on both show floors could well be valuable to all concerned. When these two groups of professionals meet up, I think the cooperation will be beneficial, and this type of co-location is a great way to make it happen.  

Medtrade Monday: How real is the presumed baby boomer demand?
Wilcox: I don’t believe it’s hype. I believe it is absolutely true. As the older community continues to grow, and the boomer generation continues to enter that demographic, they bring demands for quality. They want great environments and opportunities for health and wellness. We’ve come a long way indeed from the stereotypical nursing home from decades ago.

• Click Here to view the specially selected EFA crossover sessions. If you hold a Conference Badge (not just an Expo badge), you will be eligible to attend these sessions. Medtrade Spring attendees with an Expo or Conference pass will have access to the EFA Expo floor during show hours.
• Click Here to view a list of EFA Exhibitors.
Click Here to visit the EFA Web site.