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Closer Look at Cash Booster

November 11, 2017

ATLANTA – The first place finisher in last month’s Innovative HME Retail Product Awards (sponsored by HomeCare Magazine) at Medtrade aims for the younger crowd—the much younger crowd. Specifically, the winning product from Owlet Baby Care, Lehi, Utah, is called the Owlet Smart Sock 2. It’s a sock design that wraps around a baby’s foot and measures an infant’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

Medtrade Monday sat down with Bruce Clark (pictured during last month’s Medtrade in Atlanta), retail account manager (and a three decade retail veteran), Owlet Baby Care, to talk about how providers can use the Smart Sock 2 as a stand-alone cash item, or as an addition to breast pump sales.

Medtrade Monday: Why do you think providers at Medtrade responded so well to your product?

Bruce Clark, retail account manager, Owlet Baby Care, Lehi, Utah: The industry is craving something new. They are craving cash sales to take the business to a different level and direction.

Medtrade Monday: How can providers use this product to further the business?

Clark: One of our DMEs is now setting up a baby area along with their breast pumps. They have the Owlet product there, and they are going to bring in some other things. Everyone who comes in for a breast pump should be told about the Owlet, because DMEs have to compete in a different way these days. I’ve been in some DMEs, and they say, ‘Oh, we just don’t do any of the baby stuff,’ but why not?”

Medtrade Monday: What’s the difference between this and other baby monitors?

Clark: We do something different. A traditional baby monitor measures externally. The Owlet measures heart rate and oxygen level. We also have upgrades now such as the sock design that wraps around the foot. We upgraded the Bluetooth from about 30 feet to about 100 feet now. We are wireless and we have the apps to be able to communicate with the device. We’ve got all that information going to the cloud rather than it going on the drive itself. There are a lot of benefits to the Owlet product as the DME industry accepts it.

Medtrade Monday: What are your future marketing plans?

Clark: DME is a market we are going to stay in, so I can’t imagine us not going to Medtrade Spring, because we are going to see a whole new demographic there from the west. Atlanta was a great show for us. It’s bringing technology that the DME industry understands—pulse oximetry—and bringing it into a different element, to the wearables. Now we’re giving wearables to kids. It’s really the first entry into the wearable market for infants, so that’s a cool thing.

Owlet Baby Care earned the award at Medtrade, held last month at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Bruce Clark made a presentation during the award session (as did reps from seven other manufacturers) and three judges cast their votes along with all session attendees. Moderator Jim Greatorex, vice president, VGM Live at Home, a division of the VGM Group, tabulated all the votes to come up with the top three.

DME providers will get another chance to learn from the best experts in the industry, and learn about the newest products, next year at Medtrade Spring, scheduled for March 27-29, 2018, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.