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Speaker Spotlight – Trusted Expert Miriam Lieber Can be Found at Two Sessions Plus Power Lunch at Medtrade Spring

March 18, 2018

LAS VEGAS – Miriam Lieber, president of Lieber Consulting LLC, has been presenting at Medtrade Spring and Medtrade for a number of years, building a loyal following among regular attendees. Lieber will be participating in two educational sessions next week at Medtrade Spring, and taking charge of the “Leadership” topic at Power Lunch.

The panel discussion, Assessing the Value of Performance, will focus on third party payer relations, Pay4Performance, and how HME providers can help fill the needs of the payer vis a vis costs and quality. A discussion of data and technology, in addition to HME employee requirements for payer relations positions, will be included in this session that will also explore the value of the performance for third party payers.

“For HME providers who deal with any third party, it is crucial to gain an understanding from others who have embraced and mastered the role of payer relations and embedded it into their daily operation to promote increased value,” says Lieber. “The byproduct is that they also gain tremendous operational insight and efficiency as a result.”

To those who may or may not be in driving distance to Medtrade Spring, and still on the fence about attending Medtrade Spring, Lieber has a simple message. “To know whether or not to attend is to determine the cost of time away against the potential gains achieved by attending,” she says. “While it is impossible to know exactly what take-aways will be garnered from the show, networking alone is typically worth the trip. Hearing from peers on a panel or during a cocktail hour, or even on the tradeshow floor, is typically reason enough to make the trip worth the cost.

“One of my clients scanned the session topics and speaker list and decided that it was important enough to attend based on the session titles alone,” Lieber continues. “Unless you decide to attend Medtrade Spring, you will not know who you might bump into in the hall, who you might meet at a conference session, which vendor might have something new to show you, and so much more. There’s only one way to know and that’s to go.”

See Miriam Lieber at the sessions below.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Assessing the Value of Performance – Panel Discussion

  • Time: 10:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.
  • Room: Islander H

From an HME perspective, what does pay for performance (P4P) really mean? What are the pros and cons/costs and benefits to the HME provider and their operation? Precisely defining the value of P4P and how to report it back to the referral and payer is what each HME provider should be focused on today. Knowing your costs and potential outcomes will help determine the return on investment (ROI) for what will become an industry payment standard. A candid discussion with providers and payer relation experts who develop performance assessment programs as well as capitated arrangements will be included in this panel discussion. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore current trends in the HME industry.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Get in the ‘LEAD’ Protecting the DME Supplier from today’s toughest challenges – Panel Discussion

  • Room: Islander F
  • Time: 2:45 PM – 4:15 PM

Come join this panel with some of the LEADing ladies in the healthcare industry. This group will facilitate an open discussion on the challenges facing today’s DME supplier. This information packed session will touch on all the things affecting your business today! Starting internally with your employees – knowing their roles and being held accountable, to external issues – payer audits and protecting (improving) your cash flow. Learn from this “in the know” panel as they discuss the impact the industry has on your business and help you get in the LEAD!

Finally, Miriam Lieber will be participating in the Leadership section of Power Lunch, one of eight topics.

Wednesday, March 28  •  11:45 am – 1:15 pm

Power Lunch

Room: South Pacific F
Sponsored by: VGM
Real food for thought. Fuel up on lunch and information crucial to making your business survive and thrive. Fill your plate with a quick lunch and head to your pre-selected table where the moderator will kick-off your roundtable group discussion. Learn from experts, hear from your peers, and take back solutions to your office.  Limited seating is still available.

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