Moving the HME Industry Forward


Companies that Help Providers Get Paid Buying Space at Medtrade

May 5, 2014

OVERLAND PARK, KS – Six months before Medtrade, scheduled for Oct 20-23, 2014, in Atlanta, the themes of efficient operations and smoother billing processes are already gaining traction. Companies such as Kansas-based Strategic AR have already reserved space at the nation’s premiere HME-focused trade show, and several more are also on the list.

According to Jennifer Leon (pictured), director of Marketing and Customer Service, Strategic AR, Overland Park, Kansas, the early booking is all about the belief that the historically resilient HME industry can effectively capitalize on projected demand. Medtrade Monday chatted with Leon about her reasons for attending Medtrade and her hopes for the future.

Greg Thompson, editor of Medtrade Monday: Why has Strategic AR decided to exhibit at Medtrade in Atlanta, scheduled for Oct 20-23, 2014?
Jennifer Leon, director of Marketing and Customer Service, Strategic AR, Overland Park, Kansas: Medtrade provides us with the platform to introduce our new technologies to often time-strapped providers who are actively looking for new resources and technological solutions for their businesses. We not only connect with new names and faces, but we also see a great deal of current customers at Medtrade. Maintaining that customer-centric focus is very important to our overall initiatives.

Thompson: If you are at liberty to say, what new products/new initiatives/features will you be introducing at Medtrade?
Leon: Our newest feature that is part of our suite of solutions is our AutoPAY functionality and eDelivery of invoices. Providers need new technology to secure and collect patient-pay AR. AutoPAY gives providers the 100% coverage required in today’s industry by allowing providers to work with patients on payment plans while guaranteeing timely and accurate payment.

Our eDelivery feature simply ensures faster, more economical invoice delivery that eliminates confusion about whether or not patients have received correspondence. Electronic delivery drastically cuts down on postage costs and environmental waste. Nearly all business and services across all industries have some form of online payment and online invoice viewing options – it’s time we follow suit. 

Thompson: What is your level of optimism these days concerning the future of HME demand?
Leon: With all the exciting technology and education coming into our industry on a regular basis, how could one be anything but optimistic? As more and more baby boomers enter our industry, the demand for HME is only going to grow, so how can providers begin to ready themselves for this rapid growth? The answer is efficiency. If providers can really hone in on being efficient in all areas of business (sales, operations, billing, etc.) then audits, competitive bidding, ICD-10, and other changes, become simple speed bumps rather than imposing mountains.