Moving the HME Industry Forward


A/R Allegiance Partnering With Bargmann

August 12, 2013

SHAWNEE MISSION, KS – A/R Allegiance Group LLC will join forces with industry veteran Dave Bargmann in a move designed to improve customers’ patient billing experiences.

Bargmann is the co-founder of Akron, Ohio-based Invacare HCS, which is being closed later this month. Bargmann will work with A/R Allegiance on sales/marketing and other strategic initiatives that automate patient billing workflows and collections.

“A/R Allegiance is the only company in the field that takes a comprehensive approach to getting you paid,” said Bargmann. “At HCS, we always were concerned with being able to properly communicate with patients, either with making or receiving phone calls. I decided to align with A/R Allegiance because they use every tool available, including an online payment portal tailored to your organization, making and receiving telephone calls, emails, text messaging, and more.”
“We are thrilled that Dave Bargmann has chosen to partner with us,” said Keith Lilek (pictured), founder and CEO of A/R Allegiance. “His endorsement of our solution is a testament to the hard work and dedication of each of my co-workers, and we look forward to continuing to provide superior patient receivable solutions to the HME/DME industry.”

With Medicare revenues plummeting, technology gurus such as Lilek and Bargmann are sending a clear message; Find an effective way to go after the largest untapped area of revenue—the patient. “If you don’t have processes wrapped around how to go after patients,” says Lilek, “you are ultimately going to go out of business.” 

As a veteran of the bruising collections business, Lilek is adamant that survival demands change. “Our guess is about half of the DMEs are going away,” he says. “The patients, however, are not going away. The remaining companies are going to be servicing dramatically more patients.”