Moving the HME Industry Forward

Educational Advisory Board

Made up of a wide spectrum of professional within the HME/DME industry, the Mission of the Medtrade Education Advisory Board (EAB) is to assist in the growth of the educational programs offered at Medtrade with continued support to AAHomecare and Medtrade management.  EAB members volunteer as experts in the development of appropriate and timely content that will attract a wide range of interested industry stakeholders.  The EAB will provide guidance and propose initiatives for the continued success of the conference and for the development of additional educational resources.Medtrade wishes to acknowledge the Medtrade Educational Advisory Board for their support and dedication to providing you with the best educational opportunities.  Medtrade extends its sincere gratitude for their ongoing commitment. 
Jeff Baird, Esq.
Chairman, Health Care Group
Brown & Fortunato, P.C.
Kim Brummett
Vice President Regulatory Affairs
American Association for Homecare
Rob Baumhover
Director of Retail & Vendor Services
The VGM Group
Chris Kinard
Corporate System Development
Jennifer Leon
Director of Marketing
Strategic AR
Anna McDevitt
Laboratory Tactical Consulting
Wayne van Halem
The van Halem Group