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Medtrade Spring Workshops: February 27, 2017

Workshops offered by Medtrade Spring are intensive full-day training from exhibiting companies. A workshop can be added on to your expo or conference pass registration. View workshops >>

Medtrade Spring Conference: February 27 - March 1, 2017

Revamped conference program for 2017
Feedback from the recent Medtrade show in Atlanta has been incorporated into the Medtrade Spring conference program. You asked, we listened! Attendees asked for more "town hall" like sessions and less "lecture style", less concurrent sessions, more panels (including competitors in some cases!). The 2017 program will also have some sessions with a new seating arrangement to encourage more interaction and discussion among attendees. View sessions >>

Conference Tracks


So long as Medicare pays suppliers, Medicare will conduct audits. An audit is a convenient way for Medicare to "claw back" some of what it previously paid. Today, Medicare audits are out of control. The programs in this track are presented by industry experts on audits. The programs will teach the supplier the steps to reduce the risk that an audit will occur. The programs will teach the supplier how to prepare for an audit. The programs will also show the supplier how to respond to an audit in such a way that the risk of a clawback is reduced.

Business Operations Track 

Business Operations
The ability to run an effective business operation can have a strong impact on your financial bottom line. These sessions cover topics such as hiring and training, taking care of your customers, and how to prepare your business and staff for a successful future.

Executive Education
We’ve created something sweet for the C-Suite! This spring we are excited to bring back the MTS17 Executive Education Track: sessions hand-picked to bring relevant expert advice to HME executives. Learn from the people who specialize in the “art of the possible” and are eager to share their experiences and advice for building successful HME business strategies.

Keeping it Legal 

Keeping it Legal
Laws affecting the HME industry continue to change. These programs will assist you in understanding how to successfully operate your business within legal guidelines. Learn about federal and state laws governing HME, as well as legislation that is "coming down the road".

Medicare Updates 

Medicare Updates
Frequent changes in HME industry demand that home healthcare providers stay “in the know.” This track will feature timely updates from various organizations, including the National Supplier Clearinghouse, National Government Services, CGS, and Palmetto GBA. Individual speakers will also provide updates on clinical issues affecting the industry.

Retail Track 

The interest in retail-focused home medical equipment operations continues to increase as providers look to diversify product categories, payor sources and customer demographics. This track will provide the nuts and bolts of how to create and manage a profitable retail business while ensuring the appropriate sales, marketing and operational strategies are in place.

Sales & Marketing Track 

Sales & Marketing
Are you interested in creating new business, reaching new markets and developing a more productive sales team? If so, make plans to attend the series of educational sessions presented in the Sales & Marketing track. Experts in this field will teach you how to effectively and efficiently sell and market your most important products and how to create new revenue sources for your business.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning
By necessity, the DME industry has become the "thinking person's" industry. No longer can the DME supplier simply react to what comes its way. Rather, the successful supplier must stay a few steps ahead of market forces. Said another way, the supplier must "plan." The programs in this track will instruct suppliers on how to prepare a strategic plan, how to follow the plan, and how to continually update and upgrade the strategic plan. The programs will also suggest key topics that should be addressed in a strategic plan.

Trending Markets

Trending Markets
The HME industry is changing at a breathtaking pace. The "old way" of doing business will result in failure. The programs in this track focus on new ways for suppliers to conduct business and focus on untapped and emerging markets. For example, health care is becoming "data driven" and the focus is on "outcome." The forward-thinking supplier will set itself apart from its competitors by providing outcome data to payers and physicians. This is just one of the topics to be covered by this track.

Medtrade Spring Conference Digital Library

Medtrade Spring offers post-show access to our educational conference sessions. Notes and audio will be available for the sessions at Medtrade Spring 2017 in our online Conference Digital Library. The library will allow you to “attend” a session you missed or one you’d like to hear again! The Digital Library is available as an add-on to your conference pass and provides access to sessions for one year. Order while registering for special advance pricing.