Moving the HME Industry Forward


  • Pursuing the Hospital Niche Market
    August 21, 2017

    GOOSE CREEK, SC – Hospitals present several interesting niche market opportunities for a specialty distribution. When you call on a hospital discharge planner for referrals, add a stop or two to the itinerary. You may not have considered soliciting a hospital because of the stringent demands they place on suppliers such as cost-plus 2%, 3%, or 5% and just-in-time deliveries. But your company does not want to be a vendor for their supplies—you are looking to cherry pick the hospitals for sales they would consider to be insignificant expenditures. read more »

  • Home Mod Intro for Merits is “Natural Progression”
    August 21, 2017

    ATLANTA – Home modification is indeed heating up with providers and manufacturers such as Medtrade exhibitor Merits Health Products launching a new home access division called Pilot. The division currently offers an economical straight stair lift that is easy to work on and can be adjusted to fit most applications. Andy Scothern, national sales manager, Merits Health Products, attributes the addition to a “natural progression” that grows from Merits’ existing product range.  read more »

  • Caretailing and More - Making the Right Contacts
    August 14, 2017

    GOOSE CREEK, SC – When I worked as a branch manager for a large medical/surgical supplier, I often rode along with our salespeople. These calls were made to the same basic clients that you must solicit—physicians, long-term care facilities, and other professionals responsible for referring sales to you. read more »

  • Market Research - Questions to Ask
    July 31, 2017

    GOOSE CREEK, SC – To maximize your caretailing business, you need to look outside your showroom and scout for referral sources and specialty distribution customers. There are opportunities everywhere if you know where to look. That is why you should consider hiring an outside sales force. read more »

  • Caretailing - Building Retail Sales with Strategic Decoration
    July 24, 2017

    GOOSE CREEK, SC – One of my pet peeves is when an HME company displays “naked” products. That is to say, showing only the product and not all the extras that go with it. If you display a variety of wheelchairs, be sure to show each model with all the add-ons available such as safety belts, cushions, IV holders, wallet holders, and cup holders. read more »

  • One Tip at Medtrade Could Generate Thousands of Dollars
    July 17, 2017

    WICHITA FALLS, TX – Only 100 days (or so) until Medtrade. The show is scheduled for Oct 23-25, 2017, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, and if you have not committed yourself to going you may be making a huge mistake. After going to Medtrade and Medtrade Spring for several years now, I can say without a doubt it has helped to change the way we do business. From learning more about what we can do, should do, and should not do—to learning about moving toward more retailing in our business. read more »

  • Manufacturers and DME Suppliers Working Together
    July 10, 2017

    AMARILLO, TX - DME suppliers and manufacturers are dependent on each other for success. Manufacturers need financially stable suppliers to purchase their products. Suppliers need their manufacturers to (i) provide quality products and (ii) offer reasonable credit terms. As they work together, manufacturers and DME suppliers need to avoid implicating the Medicare anti-kickback statute (“AKS”) and the federal False Claims Act (“FCA”). read more »

  • The Evolution of Caretailing
    July 10, 2017

    ATLANTA – Two years ago, the folks at VGM came up with a new word—caretailing. As a combination of care and retail, the definition (see info box) attempted to summarize a growing trend in the largely staid world of HME. The trend has indeed grown, with various providers successfully transforming their business (see Here and Here) without the traditional tether of third party payers. Medtrade Monday sat down with Maria Claire Markusen, director of development, VGM Retail, to get a sense of where caretailing is headed. read more »

  • Caretailing With the All-Important Showroom
    July 10, 2017

    GOOSE CREEK, SC – To sell products to the public, you need a venue to effectively showcase them. That is why your first order of business is to create a showroom. It doesn’t have to be large. You can start with as little as 1,000 square feet. Expand it exponentially as your sales increase. read more »

  • Moving the Caretail Business Into a Separate Legal Entity
    July 03, 2017

    AMARILLO, TX - A number of factors are making the Medicare fee-for-service (“FFS”) model almost untenable: (i) competitive bidding (“CB”); (ii) applying the CB reimbursement rates to non-CBAs; (iii) aggressive audits; (iv) reimbursement cuts; and (v) stringent documentation requirements. To address this challenge, many DME suppliers are aggressively pushing into the retail/caretail market. read more »